Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let your Heart be Light

No news on the sleeping front. We remain ever wakeful.

We've got a couple leads regarding care for the Little Guy in January, but it's mostly nannies. I don't know why I continue to feel this way, but I just don't feel that a nanny is a good fit for us. Maybe I just haven't met the right one...?

I still hold out hope that things will just magically work out. A Christmas Miracle. (Mr Earth's new and much overused phrase).

But YAY! Christmas is almost here! In the spirit of holiday cheer and good times, I will share with you 7 Random Things About Nomo's Christmas:

  1. I love Christmas Carols. I never get tired of hearing them. Really! And you know what? When I hear them in a store, they really DO make me want to buy more. Go figure.
  2. I can't stand blinking holiday lights. They make me crazy. If you want to see me go ballistic, stick me in a room with blinking holiday lights and come back in an hour and watch me go. It's some kind of weird Pavlovian-like response. (Or maybe I was abducted, hypnotized and sent back out into the world to wreak could happen)
  3. The only tree topper allowed in Casa Earth is a star. With apologies to you angel lovers out there, I just don't get it. Having a pine branch stuck up your butt all season just looks painful, and it makes me uncomfortable. But what do I know? Maybe the angel loves a prickly goose.
  4. Christmas presents are opened on Christmas morning, NOT Christmas Eve. For those of you who open them on the Eve, whatever do you do the next morning? [Caveat: We open one present on the Eve, and one only - pyjamas to wear that night so everyone is decent for pictures in the morning.]
  5. We must have a real tree. End of discussion. And, yes, I am still sweeping up pine needles from last year.
  6. Much to Mr Earth's dismay, I find that Christmas is just not Christmas without Boney M.
  7. When not screaming at me because they haven't slept long enough (Little G), or fake puking because I forced them to taste the sweet potato (Big C), my kids can actually be quite pleasant to be around. Sometimes they are even...adorable:

Photography by Tangerine. Winning message for this year's card is the title of this post.

I haven't been around much to your blogs due to lack of sleep, and desperate last-minute Christmas shopping. If anyone is struggling with presents for kids (yours or others), stop by Playdate today and read about the cool toys I found for the kidlets on my list. I got some rockin' deals! Nothing over sixty dollars!!

And now I sound like a used car salesperson.

Merry Christmas everyone. I am missing you greatly.


NotSoSage said...


How did your kids get so big?! And adorable?! Okay, they were already adorable, but I couldn't let that go unmentioned.

Has it really been that long? Too long.

That is a beautiful photo of the two of them. And you and Joe would agree on the Boney M issue. Perhaps we should get together and Mr Earth and I can commiserate.

kgirl said...

That pic is awesome. Sorry 'bout the sweet potato pukes, and I'm with you on the christmas carols.

I hope you find a good nanny, because seriously, not having to rush your kids somewhere (or two somewheres) in the morning? priceless.

metro mama said...

I'm with you on the real tree.

Beautiful pic.

Woman in a Window said...

I'm with you on 1, 2, 4, and 5. And while Boney M makes me nostalgic for my mom singing badly, it was quite badly the first time 'round.

Hang in there! Christmas is around the corner, Fa la la la la la la la la!

motherbumper said...

That is an amazing photo (no surprise, those boys are completely edible). And I'm with you, Christmas is not Christmas without Boney M (just ask G, she has it on permanent rotation on the iTunes much to SB's dismay).

Jaina said...

Buffy, Firefly AND Veronica? How were we not friends already? Haha, Thanks so much for stopping by earlier :)
I love those random 7 Christmas things, I'm right with you on the presents. I really need to look into the pj cool. And real trees are vital, 100%. I don't believe in artificial trees. Beautiful picture of your boys, they are too handsome.

SciFi Dad said...

Dude, I love me some Boney M Christmas.

And that photo? Priceless.

painted maypole said...


b*babbler said...

That is a seriously cute photo. The adorableness x 2!

Good luck with the nanny. I can't help but think that if you find the right one that it is the perfect solution.

bren j. said...

That picture is great!

In answer to your question: growing up we always opened presents on Christmas Eve because Christmas Day we traveled to see one set of extended family or the other. It would be Steinbach one year on Christmas Day and Crystal City on Boxing Day, then switch them around the next year. It went on like that from birth until I was a pre-teen. So it's become tradition!
Now we still open presents on Christmas Eve - something about it being a quiet night with snow falling and the tree lights twinkling (as opposed to BLINKING - hah!) and besides, we like to sleep in! Christmas Day is for playing with our new presents and making some big extravagant breakfast!

Kyla said...

I feel ya on 1-4. Totally.

Your boys are so handsome!

Beck said...

Your boys! Cute!
We open pajamas on Christmas Eve, too, and my kids STILL GET EXCITED about it. Whatever will this year's present be? Hooray, pajamas again!

KC said...

Great action shot. Love the kids' expressions.

Jolie's nanny gave me heartburn but she did love her to pieces. Our current nanny is utterly amazing. We love her. She makes our lives so much better. We buy her flowers. She is part of our family.

Mad said...

OMG! I had other things to say but that picture has just blown me away. It is marvelous!

The other thing I was going to say is that I think we are the same person--except that my husband is an angel man and ergo we have to alternate. He is also a presents on Christmas Eve man but on that issue I have bent his will to my way of thinking.

kittenpie said...

Are you me? I second you on the star topper on a REAL tree, the carols I sing all season and, ahem, after, and OMG yes, Boney M. Best xmas album hands down, except for maybe Rupaul's Funky Christmas, from the HoHoHo album - a totally awesome song. You'd love it.