Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blah-gg, Blah-gger, Blah-gging

Tap, Tap. Anyone still out there? Anyone??

As someone who prides themselves on being a multi-tasker, I am shocked to discover that I can't seem to do more than one thing at a time.

First, it was getting Big C off to school and all that entails. Holy crap, there's a lot of paperwork. And rules for what we can and can't bring for snack. And more paperwork. And parent meetings where they make you feel bad for not volunteering for the Parent Council. I've decided that there are certain people - neither good nor bad - who run for Parent Councils. They are probably the same people who ran for Student Council when they were younger. I was the geek in the drama club. I am not the governing type.

Then, I spent two whole weeks preparing for an audition which I didn't get. Suffice to say that I am somewhat humiliated that I couldn't get a role in community theatre, for which I extensively prepared, and for which the director personally invited me to audition. Apparently, I am not queen material. To which I say a very royal "Eff Off!" (Hm. Mayhap that was not very dignified..) FAIL.

Now, I spend every waking and while-I'm-supposed-to-be-sleeping moment planning and fretting about our upcoming kitchen renovation. Frankly, I thought it would be a lot more fun. However, I lose interest after choosing the colour scheme. Not to mention, the IKEA Home Planner is a lot like doing a puzzle with math. I like neither puzzles, nor math. And why is it so hard to get hold of contractors?

I'm excited and terrified to be finally renovating a kitchen that has needed an overhaul for the past 7 years. I want it to be done yesterday. Everything is moving at a snail's pace, and this frustrates me. And I'll be devasted if, once done, it doesn't look fabulous. OF COURSE it will look better than it does now. ANYTHING would look better than our ragamuffin kitchen, but if I'm going to do something, I want it to be perfect. Better than perfect, if possible. I also don't know how it's possible to live through a kitchen renovation with two small children, one of which is a very light sleeper, and both of which will lose their cookies if they are not fed at regular intervals with the food they are used to.

The stress has wreaked havoc on my skin, and I retreat - in my non-existent spare time - to vapid TV dramas like The Vampire Diaries. The show is not good, and I can't get enough of it. In times of upheaval and disappointment, it's good to watch very pretty people, people who seem to have everything under control, get eaten.

Please don't take off while I get my act together.


kgirl said...

Hang in there through the reno - it will be soooo worth it, and I am so jealous since ours was put off until next spring (labour shortage, as in Chris' dad was still busy renovating their master bedroom). As far as meals go, make em' a la carte, non-cooking meals, and get out the slow cooker for soups and such that will last for days. It will look AMAZING.

And, I volunteered for our school association, so nyah.

Bea said...

Contractors! Don't get me started. We contacted ours about building a deck in April. He showed up to get a sketch in June; came up with an estimate in July; started work in August. By Aug. 20 he had finished the main part of the deck, but not the stairs, bench, or railing, and he promised to be back the following week to complete it. Mid-September he came and did the railing - still no stairs or bench. I'm starting to get worried that if it's not done by the time snow flies, we won't qualify for the home renovation tax credit. Sheesh!

Kyla said...

No free time? I get that!

Good luck with the renovation...such a headache, but sure to be worthwhile!

Mac and Cheese said...

I founded a slow-reno support group if you need to vent...

painted maypole said...

sorry about the audition. i KNOW! This I console myself with: I could be PERFECT for the part but the director had the wrong idea and cast the person who fit her wrong idea. but it still sucks. I hear you.

b*babbler said...

I'll be here - waiting. :)

Right now we're in the never-ending basement reno. Even when it is moving fairly briskly it doesn't seem to move at all. And don't get me started on the feeling of having people around your house ALL. THE. TIME. Which kinda sucks... especially during those oh-so-swell days with the kids.