Friday, April 27, 2007

Not all Urban Babies wear black.

Top ten reasons the Boy is an "urban baby" eventhough he rarely wears black:

10. He is a burgeoning food critic. He won't eat chicken and peas, but he will eat sauteed scallops and steamed asparagus.

9. He loves the workings of daily city life. He gets really excited about garbage day. Really, really excited.

8. He is familiar with the delicate art of negotiating. When I say we have to get dressed and go, he says "No. Two minutes".

7. He's fashion forward. He owns more designer clothing than I do.

6. He's been immersed in culture. In fact, he's been to the ROM more times in his two years of life, than I have since I moved to Toronto 15 years ago.

5. He's already networking. He says "Hi!" to random people and offers them snippets of small talk to get the conversation going, like "I ate a cracker!"

4. He's a useful shopping companion. He can direct you to the bank machine, the LCBO and all coffee shops in the Village.

3. He's already working on the bohemian lifestyle. He frequently "goes to rehearsal", carrying his gourmet food bag from Rustico.

2. He knows all the catch phrases of urban life. He rarely says "Thank you", but he constantly suggests that we go for a "coffee and a muffin".

1. He already knows his Starbucks order. When we get to the cashier, he shouts "Grande! Grande! Grande!"


Mimi said...

I ate a cracker!

I think I'm going to use that for my opener from now on.

Grande grande is my rallying cry too. I think the Boy and I would get along well.

Is he obsessed with the bird room at the rom? With that weird pond diorama?

Kyla said...

Hlarious! Grande! Grande! All children should know such useful language.

mcewen said...

Lummy! A star in the making.

MotherBumper said...

The bit about networking - stellar, absolutely stellar. And #10 - Bumper is the same, she is really fussy over the "normal" foods but loves the exotic stuff.

PeanutButtersMum said...

Wow! I'm still shocked by how much the Boy seems like Peanut Butter. Wow! I can't go to any drive-thru's these days without PB yelling out his order to go with my coffee! It's nuts...

kittenpie said...

Pumpkinpie doesn't wear black either, but prefers to make a more eclectic fashion statement for her Danforth-strolling!

Cute post.

NotSoSage said...

Crap. I just lost my comment.

Synopsis: Mme L was showing my parents the ropes this weekend. At a restaurant where the service was particularly slow, she turned to us at one point and said, "I going to order MORE food." Nice.

And: You are a blogging MACHINE lately...I have to catch up on your other posts, but if you're out of school, I'd also like to catch up in person. I realised today that I never blogged about our meeting as it was my first bloggy meeting and I didn't really know what the etiquette was.

Mad Hatter said...

Out here in the boonies, Miss M likes to declare, "I'm a big girl now." I imagine the Boy fancies himself rather "Venti" these days.

"Venti, vidi, vici" ought to be his motto: Big Boy saw and conquered ... the Big Smoke.

Mary G said...

May I borrow the Boy? I can never remember what dear old Starbucks call their sizes and get sneered at for ordering a 'small'.
I took Little Stuff around Barcelona at about the Boy's age, and I thought that she would love the weird colourful architecture and playstructures. Hah. She was enchanted with the backhoes doing construction and with the subway.

Jenifer said...

Just visiting...I think I have commented before, maybe not though.

One of Rosebud's first words were, "double double" and one of my girls fave games to play is drive-thru.