Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's that?

Well, here we are almost two weeks after the Boy's surgery, and Mr Earth asked me last night if I thought that the Boy was hearing better or speaking more. Our immediate response was: "Uh, no, not really". (We're very in sync - you might say we're in love, or something..) But then I got to thinking..

He may be talking a bit more. It's hard to tell. I've mentioned before that he narrates his life like a running commentary exercise from Young Driver's of Canada. When he's quiet, I usually jump right into the mom-freak stance of What'swrong?Areyouok?Areyoutired?Areyousick?Areyouhungry?Whyaren'tyouspeaking?? Hot damn, life with me must be fun.. But then, it's true that when he's quiet, there is quite often something wrong. So if he talks more than, say, all the time would you be able to tell??

He seems to have more of a reaction to music. He'll start bopping in his seat when a song he hears a song he likes. He's inherited my unique dance ability. Man, it's funny to watch. I wish I had it on video. His chubby little arm will bounce up and down. If his hands were clasped when the music came on, then both arms will bounce. He's also started to sing in discernible notes, and tunes. But is this a result of the surgery, or is it simply a developmental thing?

I do think that he is hearing more of the sounds at low auditory levels. He's always been one to point out things and say "What's that, mummy, what's that?". Now, this happens all the time. To almost every sound. It even happens when I don't hear anything. That can be a little freaky - especially when we're home alone at night. Most of the time I think it's pretty funny, but sometimes it gets a bit much. Especially if I don't know what he's pointing to, or what he's heard. Sometimes I ask, in the nicest way possible, "What do you think it is?" or "What does it look like?" (Very Seinfeld-esque, for anyone who saw the episode where Kramer pretends to be the Moviephone voice: "Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you want to see?"). Sometimes I think he knows very well and is simply testing me. It's most amusing, though, to see his little finger point straight up in the air like he's about to say "Eureka!" -- you know another "What's that, mummy?" is going to come at any second.

Strangely though, kids who have ear surgery are supposed to talk very loudly before the surgery, but the Boy speaks louder than ever now. I kind of feel like I'm living in an episode of Dora the Explorer. Why do they shout so on that program. Can anyone answer that?

All I can say, is that it's never boring at Casa Earth. And I've learned a lot. You don't spend your whole day naming things without learning a little something along the way.


Kyla said...

I hate Dora...because she is SUCH a screamer. Oh my.

We talk alllll day here, too. I wonder what it will be like once she gets her hearing aid next month!

Beck said...

Oh, that's frustrating to not see immidiate improvement.
Dora is so loud because Dora lives in a steel foundery. Or because Dora is a FREAKING JERK!

Christine said...

Sounds like the surgery went ok, but the end result is yet unclear. Sounds like he is quite the talker though!

I can just picture the be-bopping!

And i hate Dora because that show requires the kids to SHOUT BACK at the tv. Annoying.

kittenpie said...

that's exactly my problem with Dora!

I doubt the tuneful singing is a developmental thing, though, I think that would have happened earlier. Pumpkinpie was singing way before she could talk (like ten months, babbling in tune, which was weird but really cool). So itmight be a good sign. But it might take some time to really get a clear indication, if ever.

Glad to hear it all went well, though!

Susanne said...

Glad to hear everything went well too.

I just wanted to say that I fell with you about the talking all the time. My son does that too. And people think we're exaggerating when we say "from the minute he opens his eyes in the morning until he talks himself to sleep". Last week when we were in the car and he fell silent for about 30 seconds I was sure he fell asleep. He didn't though and the week before he stopped talking for about two minutes while sitting behind me on the bike. Maybe that's a good sign.

I'd say the singing and the heightened are a good sign for improved hearing.

Mimi said...

Ahhhh! I guess it is hard to tell 'better after the surgery' apart from 'growing and changing' -- I mean, the little ones, they do new stuff every week, just by getting that little bit bigger.

I'm waiting for the video of the dancing ...

NotSoSage said...

[Fingers crossed.]

But I agree with kittenpie, I think the tuneful singing is something you could hang your hat on...it's been happening for a while 'round these parts.

(It does sound like Casa Earth is a rip-roaring good time kind of place.)

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Don't watch Dora here.

And I can just HEAR Kramer in that episode...I still laugh!

Hopefully you will see an improvement in time.