Friday, December 14, 2007

40 Days and 40 Nights

Number of crinkly ears that won't unfold...2
Number of fleeting gassy smiles...19
Number of goopy eyes...2
Number of
Alfalfa hairlicks...1
Number of congested nostrils...2
Number of distressingly large belly buttons...1
Number of dangerously ragged fingernails...10
Number of times dangerously ragged fingernails have grazed unprotected nipples or boobs...20
Number of flailing arms...2
Number of times flailing arms have hit his own face...7
Number of wide-open eyes every time he's being put to sleep...2
Number of times hiccups started as he was being put to sleep...30
Number of minutes it takes to get him to go to sleep at night on average...60
Number of minutes it takes to get him to go to sleep during the day on average...5
Number of hours of sleep I usually get at night...4.5
Number of hours I've slept consecutively...3.5
Number of times that has happened...1
Number of extreme yawns...120
Number of little round "O" mouths...80
Number of cross-eyed stares as he tries to focus...20
Number of times I've breastfed...320 (approx)
Number of visits by a lactation consultant this time...1
Number of times I've enjoyed breastfeeding...310
Number of times I've forgotten which side I should feed next...300
Number of champion burps (by the Little Guy)...250
Number of times burping meant he won't spit up...0
Number of times he's spit up...100
Number of times the spit up has hit the burp cloth...14
Number of spit ups that occurred right after he was bathed...12
Number of loud farts...400
Number of diapers used...400+
Number of times I've been peed on...7
Number of times he's peed on himself...20 (sucker)
Number of projectile poops...1
Number of diaper-free poops...3
Number of times vast quantities of poops have been witnessed in action...2
Number of clothing items rendered unusable due to poop...2 (so far)
Number of grunts, groans, whines, wheezes, snorts...1000 (ballpark)
Number of nights grunts, groans, whines, wheezes, snorts have kept us from sleep...40
Value of being able to hold this Little Guy in my arms every day...priceless.


motherbumper said...

priceless indeed - I love the little fist that says "Love me fool!". And the Christmasy outfit rocks :)

Mad Hatter said...

What a perfect little Christmas elf.

Hey, did the package arrive? Sorry I didn't get a card or letter included but I'm kinda Canada-post challenged.

Don Mills Diva said...

Love that picture! He looks like a feisty one.

b*babbler said...

Word up and all hail the baby!


mamatulip said...

Those sound like good (and accurate) numbers to me. He's GORGEOUS!

kgirl said...

Dove's boyfriend is SOOOOO CUTE!

and, oh yeah, baby, my numbers are about the same, give or take 20 days.

Kathryn said...

That was a great post. Very clever! It certainly does bring back a lot of memories.
That picture is also priceless! So cute!

the dragonfly said...

Oh yes, priceless.

Lisa b said...

that is quite the tally.
the spit ups after a bath or poos right after a new diaper are like the universe giving me the finger.

painted maypole said...

he looks like a sweet little candy cane

you should read the book Cally's Tally. It's also been made into a lovely play.

Gabriella said...

oh he's adorable!

Kyla said...

Oh, he is a CUUUUTIE. Sigh. The joys and trials of newbornhood. I miss it.

jen said...

ah yes. i earnestly miss those early days now that i know enough to appreciate them for the glory they were.

Susanne said...

Oh yeah, I remember. (And unlike Jen I don't miss those days.) But how cute he is! And so cuddly.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the unprotected nipples...

Emily R

Christine said...

oh nomo! that hat is the best thing ever!

Running on empty

Bon said...

it's a funny kind of math, isn't it? and yet it all adds up to sooo worthwhile. he's beautiful, and dear.

LoryKC said...

I think I JUST got 3 straight hours sleep last night so way to go!
Otherwise, I think our stats our pretty similar--other than number of projectile poops!!!
Love this!

ewe are here said...

Absolutely priceless!
Just look at him in all his cuteness!