Monday, March 03, 2008


Has anyone seen my Little Guy?

Perhaps you remember this face:

Apparently someone fed the open mouth:

I used to hold this little bundle of swaddling clothes in one arm easily:

Now, it's a two-handed heft:

I do remember thinking how scrawny he looked in this photo:

And now the only scrawny thing is Mr Corbeau on his sleeper:

Four months old today, and the only thing these photos have in common is that he is still scratching the bejeezus out of his face. My filing and trimming attempts have been total failures. All I know is, this kid needs to learn how to walk, and fast. My back is shot from carrying him around all day. Lord knows he could live for a couple of days off the rolls on his legs. A mother at daycare peered into the carseat and remarked:

"He doesn't miss a meal, heh! heh!"

Like I'm feeding him candy bars or something.

I'm not, by the way. I don't share my chocolate with anyone.

But let's just say that the Little Guy has...blossomed...into a Very Big Guy. At our two month appointment, he was just shy of 15 pounds. I'm frightened of what he's going to be at our next check up. More importantly, my back is frightened.

I'm not one to make name changes willy-nilly, but it feels somehow misleading to write about my youngest son under the label of The Little Guy these days. Technically, it still fits because he is the youngest. And anyways what would I - could I - change it to without it sounding vaguely insulting?

Mr Earth thinks he looks rather like Kingpin, but I have issues with naming my child after a supervillain.

If we got him the right outfit, he would make a dandy Humpty Dumpty - but as I recall that story didn't end all that well. Better keep brainstorming.

If it was summertime, and his legs were bared, I would have no doubt that someone would reference the Michelin Man.

I would be lying if I said I hadn't called him a little cutie potato. But how would I explain that to him when he's older and finds the blog? Sorry kiddo, we called you're brother "The Boy", but the best we could come up with for you was a random tuber reference..but we looove potatoes...

Can anyone out there think of a good name? I'm stumped. He's scratching the hell out of his face right now as I type and feed -- perhaps I should call him Baby Scissorhands?


Mad Hatter said...

Hey, my little brother is 36, bald, 6'2" and 260 pounds. What do I call him? Little brother.

"Little Guy" is the best moniker possible for this sweet, chubby hunk of pure love.

Beck said...

Little Guy is sweet and perfect.
And The Baby weighed less than 15 pounds at ONE YEAR, so way to GO, mama. (Oh, and MY 22 year old baby brother is a lulking 6'1" and he STILL gets called my baby brother. He is what he is.)

Bea said...

I can't believe how much he looks like Bub at that age in that last photo - a round, round head perched atop terry-cloth. And Bub was 15 lbs on the nose at his two-month check-up, so I know the explosion of which you speak.

ewe are here said...

Oh, how cute is he!

And my boys were huuuuge, too. Super cute, but not so easy to lug around.

I like Little Guy, too.

LoryKC said...

I'm struggling with the same issue! I've always called his brother "little buddy," or more often now, 'Bud." Can't call 'em both "Bud" all the time! This "lil' peanut" (as I called him in utero) is now 14lbs 14oz (also just shy of 15lbs)! He was 4mos on Sat!

something blue said...

I used to dread trimming those tiny scratchy weapons. It always seemed that I was just sharpening them.

Little Guy is better than calling him "My favourite exercise equipment." That doesn't roll off the tongue.

mamatulip said...

LOL @ Jana.

I like Little Guy. Though Oliver was quite a pudgy little baby and I used to call him my chunky monkey. :)

b*babbler said...

15 lbs at two months... I would have died with the carrying. Peanut needed so much carrying that I was somewhat grateful for her small size at the time.

Oh, and those nail clippers I told you of? These are them:

Hopefully that helps.

motherbumper said...

I shuddered when you talked about the clipping of nails, that was such a nightmare. He is so freakin' cute (and omg 15lbs? your poor back).

motherbumper said...

Oh and I love Litte Guy - keep it.

Mary G said...

I like Little Guy, too -- even if he is expanding. It's already his own name. Boytoo, or the like, always would put him second.

My second baby gained much the same -- we ended up calling her 'Punkin', as she rather resembled a pumkin, only with dimples. My doctor told me to put her on skim milk -- 'I breastfeed' I said, through gritted teeth.
I think I will go and write a post about sore backs. Sympathy!

painted maypole said...

he might be like MQ, who would chunk up and then grow longer, then chunk up and grow longer, thinning out with each stretch session. she's tall and lanky now, but she had her chubby moments!

Kyla said...

He's still the Little Guy, I think. Little or not. ;)

kgirl said...

LOVE HIM! hooray for little buddha babies! dove, at 3 months, now weighs more than bee did at 7 months. oy, my back.

bren j. said...

Chubby cheeks to rival the best of them - what a CUTE boy!
No suggestions for names though...but Baby Scissorhands......hah!

Mimi said...

Yeah, Munchkin was HUMONGOUS too. Still is. Oof.

I don't share my chocolate with anyone, either. Baby Scissorhands. I like that :-)

kittenpie said...

Um, King Rollo?

And I always just nibbled the nails off for fear of trimming HER instead... Plus, I had scratch mitts at first, which helped. But would he keep them on?

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh, he's gorgeous! Good work you! Swee'pea was a good gainer too, though I can't remember the exact weights and ages... I suspect he would have been on the same trajectory.

I'm lousy at names, but I think Little Guy is just fine, even if he's gloriously pudgy.

Christine said...

i think little guy still would be sweet.

and you got one cute baby, mama!

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