Thursday, May 21, 2009

A R-ruff and a Royal Growl

My house looks like a bomb went off and shot piles of useless crap everywhere, and yet I still have time to watch American Idol. Apparently, watching pseudo-reality tv shows is more important than cleaning. Who knew?

Do you watch it too? You may scoff, but there are a lot of Really Important People who follow the show religiously. It must be an actor thing, because American Idol is pretty much just a fancier version of an audition. But I can't stop watching. And judging. And nit-picking. It's awesome.

And last night? The Big Upset. I had a funny feeling that Kris would win. Adam is clearly the better singer and performer (like, miles better) and yet he didn't win. And if I had the judges sitting in front of me, I would tell them that, no, Idol actually isn't a singing competition. Because if it was, Adam would have won, hands down. Idol is actually a pop(ular) competition. It's about finding someone that appeals to the masses, and that is not something that you can say about Adam. He challenges the audience, and downright frightens most of middle America. Kris is "cute", and Adam looks like he just came from an audition for The Cure.

Oh, but Adam is so ridiculously talented! If I had one ounce of his singing ability...I'd...well, I don't know what I'd be doing right now, but it would be a lot more exciting than, say, painting my box:

Whut?! Did Nomo just go all porno? Nah. Not me. But my son did say to me, more than once I might add, "I like yer box, mummy!" Wanna know why? Wanna see some pictures of my box?? Come on over to Playdate, my friends, and have a look-see. I'll show you as many pictures of my box that you want.


Kyla said...

I disagree about the Idol results. I felt Kris was CLEARLY a better vocalist, while Adam was a better overall showman. He is great and will do well, of course, but vocally I strongly preferred Kris.

ewe are here said...

Adam, without doubt, is the most versatile, talented singer they've ever had on the show.

Kris, while 'cute' to the teenyboppers of America (if you like the type), didn't seem much different than most pub singers I've seen; enjoyable but quickly forgettable.

Kind of sad that Adam lost when he could sing rings around everybody else, but probably the best result for him in the long run ... he can refuse to sing the utter crap they'll ask him to, like the first miserable song that Kris has to release, and he couldn't even sing it decently!

We just watched the final show tonight over here; can't you tell? ;-)

Mac and Cheese said...

I find Idol to be a lot like road kill. Its painful to watch yet I cannot look away. Not winning Idol is probably the best thing that can happen to an exceptional performer like Adam.

b*babbler said...

Well, at least Adam won't be saddled with the gawd-awful excuse for a song - No Boundaries (aka No Good)

However, I ended up liking both artists in completely different ways. Adam is such a rocker and performer, and yet I'm really into a lot of acoustic stuff these days (Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, Jack Johnson) and I really felt that Kris fits right into that.

Anything was better than Gokey!

kittenpie said...

I don't watch Idol, but wasn't the original actually called Pop Idol?