Monday, June 01, 2009

Just another Manic Monday.

Wish it were Sunday.

Strike that.

Wish it were Saturday. Had impromptu dinner party. Parents came over to watch kids for afternoon and stayed for dinner. Cousin and new husband popped over and stayed for dinner. Made full use of fabulous new patio set from Canadian Tire. Much wine was drunk. Am probably still drunk. Felt like real family settling into house instead of wannabes.

Saw new Star Trek movie while parents watched napping kids. Finally understand why people attracted to Kirk thanks to Chris Pine. Yowza. Hiya Hotstuff! Other actors better, though. More on that later this week over at Playdate.

Embarrassed to admit was scared by first episode of Supernatural. Lame, much?

Am terribly nauseous. Barely keeping down food. Too much wine last night? Since when is half a bottle too much? (Am obviously heavyweight drinker but am no drunkard. Yet.) Maybe should drink more. Hair of the dog.

Perhaps nausea stems from Bill Saundercook's daycare freeze? Am considering writing strongly-worded letter but don't know where to start..

Big C being total asshat today. Can say this about own children? Perhaps unwise. But not untrue. Have been screamed at more times than care to count. Timeout count rising exponentially. Restraining urge to throw things.

Evil Cat Willow also being jerk. Should have adopted hamster. Chew jacket? Jump on table. No sir.

Little G font of snot and site of unpredictable tantrum storms. Still.

Am wondering if people can really have 900 Facebook friends. 900? Really?? Perhaps "friend" should be redefined.

Have given up on use of pronouns and other words deemed unnecessary. Too much energy.

Bedtime yet?


kgirl said...

ha ha - love this post. sometimes pronouns really are too much to ask.

and awesome patio set! enjoy many meals under the summer sun out there, kay?

Beck said...

I always feel like the least popular person in the world, when I am on Facebook and encounter people and their 800 friends. Why do I not have 800 friends? Poor me.

Mac and Cheese said...

If the asshat fits...
Been there.

motherbumper said...

Asshat is in the air this week, it seriously is. Hope Tuesday treated you better or at least more sober.

b*babbler said...

Today was our asshat day with full on screaming in my face. SO not happy.

May tomorrow be much MUCH better.

(Oh, and Saundercook sucks. 'Nuff said.)

painted maypole said...

i have been having THAT day for a week now.

Kyla said...

What a day! Hope Wednesday is finding you happier and less nauseous.

bren j. said...

Funny. Cats are so much better when you don't own them. :)

And 800 friends? Seriously? That's just....I don't know....retarded.