Monday, August 03, 2009

Post It Forward

Not too long ago, Mac and Cheese posted about how boring the blogosphere has become lately. Many people aren't posting very often lately, even less are reading, and even less than that are leaving comments. I've noticed a widespread blogging malaise over the past few summers. It gets worse during the BlogHer week, when everyone is off having fun and we sad few remaining can only sniff and bemoan our outcast state.

I'm part of the problem. Thanks to a driveway gate, some large trucks that really should be outdoors anyways and a lovely new patio set, I've discovered that my backyard can be turned into a gigantic, fresh air playpen. I'm outside a lot, as it should be. If I had some sangria and children who would let me read for five whole minutes in a row without interrupting, I would be out there all the time. Seriously. All the time.

Anyways, on to a solution. I've decided to institute a new bloggy game (or 'meme' if you'd rather - I avoid words I can't reliably pronounce..) called Post It Forward. Here's the deal: write a post sharing why and how you started your blog. You may have posted about this before, but don't cheat and link to it. Write it again. I probably missed it the first time, anyways. At the bottom of the post, choose another person to share their story, and let them know you did. If you send me the links, I'll post them on my sidebar, so everyone else can find them easier. And don't wait for someone to tag you, if you don't want to. Be a rebel! Start a new strain! Just let me know, so I can read 'em too. I need inspiration. I'll start...

Big C was 18 months, and I had been back at work for 6 months. I was feeling guilty, and cut off from the whole baby world I left when I went back to work. I was terribly bored at work (it was summer and really slow), and reading parenting websites for any advice I could get. One of them linked to MUBAR. I had no idea what a "blog" was, and was curious. Her blog linked to a lot of other ones, and I started reading them too. I had no idea all these voices were out there in the ether.

After a while, I started feeling like a stalker - reading, sharing in these lives, but never commenting. I decided to create a "mock" blog because I wondered what mine would look like if I actually had one. I chose the name No Mother Earth in a tongue-in-cheek homage to the Evil Mom's Group that I belonged to. They were SuperMoms, and I was anything but. I chose a recent picture of Big C at the cottage that looked suitably 'earthy' and was very dear to my heart because my parents were selling the cottage.

After I created the blog, I found it didn't look right, because it had no posts. I wrote two posts, just to see what they would look like. Somehow, the lovely and talented Bub and Pie found my blog, and commented on those posts. I was thrilled. And somewhat taken aback. How had she found me? I thought I was so completely under the radar that no one would ever find the blog. But I was so intrigued by the ability to post something and get a response, that I felt I had to continue.

It wasn't until six months later, though, that the idea of blogging really cemented for me. Someone put the call out to Toronto bloggers to meet up at a bar in Greektown. Completely out of character for me, shy and uncool, I decided to go. I found some incredibly lovely people that helped me put faces to the blogs, and they soon became friends. And for all the many reasons I have to continue blogging, that one is right up there at the top.

Post It Forward: I choose Kgirl. She mentioned that she might be having trouble posting things longer than 140 characters (Damn you, sweet Twitter..!)


Lisa b said...

My friend from Winnipeg sent me MUBAR and then I felt like a stalker too.
We are so lucky here.
Oh and the secret to the backyard is to invite other kids over.

Kyla said...

What a great idea!

I've noticed my comments are down and was half wondering if I'm sucking more than usual. LOL.

kgirl said...

I'm on it. I totally feel like nobody's reading when I write, and to be honest, it's summer. When I'm not at work, I have other things to do.
I'm posting my Top Ten Tuesday today, in hopes of starting something that other people might want to do too, and then I will work on my post it forward post. I don't think I've ever told the story, really.

Bea said...

Did I know already that both of us found the blogosphere through MUBAR's blogroll? Eerie.

I've been noticing the same thing you have - the slow decline of our particular corner of the blogosphere. I was realizing today that it's like romantic love. Two years ago, when I went to the beach for three days it was as if I were missing a limb - it felt that wrong to be disconnected from the Internet. This year I hardly noticed. It was the missing-limb analogy that tipped me off - that's always been the metaphor I've used for being in love and away from the loved one. Maybe that means we're now slipping into the comfortable commitment phase of our bloggy lives?

Mac and Cheese said...

Yay! Linky love! Thanks!

I'll do this one whether I get tagged or not. Incidentally, MUBAR was my first too.

Mary G said...

Neat idea -- I'm one of the guilty ones. Unless I get a laptop, it is either the screenporch with fireflies and a lovely breeze or the stuffy office and you.
I will work on such a post -- yes, I have done it before, for BlogRhet, but I think I can do it better now.
Am off to see if Kgirl is done yet.

kgirl said...

Ok, not done yet, but you can see, no other real post has been posted in its stead. I'm (still) on it.

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