Monday, August 24, 2009

Who ya gonna call?

Captions I thought of for this picture:
  1. Are they giving them away? Some clarification please.
  2. I've haven't enjoyed my neighbourhood walk so much in a long time.
  3. Somebody sure has a high opinion of himself.
  4. I wish I'd seen this sign before I agreed to get married.
  5. Mr Earth was slightly intimidated by this sign.
  6. If I'd known this was just down the street, we'd have bought a different house.
  7. Where the heck is my *$%@ phone?!
  8. If it truly is that big, do you really need a sign?
  9. I stood around waiting for something to happen, but after 30 seconds I just left in disappointment.
  10. This sign must have been made by a man. In reality it was only 2 inches long.


Beck said...

"Next time my husband is visiting, I'll try and be more tactful in how I let everyone know."

Thank you! Please try the veal.

Bon said...

my god. that's a real sign? my first thought was that there's some poor woman out there married to the cocky bugger who decided that'd be a great name for his company. sigh.

but that's not much of a caption, is it?

motherbumper said...

#7 and I'm calling now (heh)

kittenpie said...

He's old, cold, and hairy?

Ms Blue said...

Are they on call 24 hours with emergency service rates on holidays?

I'm thinking someone pops v!agra like they are candy.

painted maypole said...

bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

Denguy said...

No thanks, already have one.

Anonymous said...

size matters

Kyla said...

OH MY! That is so hilarious!

bren j. said...


Anonymous said...

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