Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post Mortem

COSTUME: Had high hopes of making it from scratch in a sort of Martha Stewart homage, but ended up buying it online instead. Had to explain what he was more times than I would like, but always got a laugh when I did. (In case you're wondering, he's "L'il Sprout", the Green Giant's son). The Boy was not so enthused. He kept saying "Jackey - off!" and "Nooo hat!". Oh well, got a lot of compliments on the hat. When he wore it, that is.

DECORATIONS: Wasn't going to decorate the porch at all, but have learnt my lesson from past years. Kids won't come to your house if you don't decorate. Not even if you stand on the porch and say "Come here, kid, I have some candy for you...!" (Why do the kids run away? Hmm). We kept the porch PG, because The Boy seemed put off by the scary stuff at "It's My Party". The pumpkin was my first attempt at designing a carving (it's Count von Count, if you can't tell). And thanks to Hallowe'en, The Boy learnt two new important and useful words: spider and eyeballs. Or rather, "'Pider!" and "Ahh-balls". Sometimes it was just "Balls!" though, which caused some uncomfortable moments.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Lousy. Took 30 shots, and could barely find any that weren't out of focus, or where The Boy didn't turn away at the last minute, or where he wasn't trying to remove some part of the costume. No smiles. And why do my eyes always look bloodshot? (I'm not a drunk! At least, I hadn't drunk anything last night...)

MANNERS: We tried to teach The Boy to say "Trick or Treat", but to no avail. We did manage to convince him to say "Candy please" but that only worked for about two houses. After that, it was just "MORE CANDY!". Over and over again. Then he started taking the candy from our bowl and putting it in his bag.

CANDY: Lots, given that he is still under two. Is it wrong that The Boy hasn't actually had any of 'his' candy? Is it wrong that we are the ones who are eating the candy? I think we are walking an ethical tightrope here, but, ohhhhhh, the candy!

CONCLUSION: Not bad for Hallowe'en #2. The Boy was a bit overwhelmed by the all the fuss, but got into it by the end. The candy part won him over. (I knew he was my son!) Good times.


Suzanne said...

He is adorable!

I don't think there's anything wrong with your eating the candy. I mean, we don't want our kids to eat it all, and it just seems wasteful to throw it all out...

This is what I tell myself each time I poke around in my kids' candy and pluck out another Snickers bar.

Anonymous said...

Not even if you stand on the porch and say "Come here, kid, I have some candy for you...!"


What a great jack-o-lantern! we didn't do the carving this this year at all. And adorable Lil Sprout too!

Anonymous said...

Halloween at this age is all about the contradictions. We slave away/spend too much money on costumes that they hate to wear (at my house the chorus was "No cowboy!" until hubby explained that if he wasn't a cowboy there would be no going outside and no chips - not sure which incentive was the clincher for him). We tell ourselves that the effort/expenditure is worth it for the sake of the keepsake photos that turn out to be too dark/red-eye/kid looking away/crying. Then we take them out and then force them, against their will, to approach strangers' doors and then try to get them to say "Trick or treat" even if what they really want to say is "Please." And then we go home and eat the candy. Kinda makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

Beck said...

See, kids his age aren't supposed to be eating candy, so as a good mother, you are protecting him from the harmful effects of said candy by lovingly eating it yourself. I have explained this to my children many, many times, generally through a mouthful of their Halloween candy.

And on a completely unrelated note, I would love a diet support partner thingy person. Let us exchange email address and begin the grim Soviet march to svelteitutde.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Love the costume!

Had we taken our little one trick or treating, I'd have confiscated the candy as well. The sacrifices we must make... ;-)

Beck said...

Hiya. I just turned on comment moderation on my blog, so you can comment with your email address and I can delete it afterwards without anyone seeing it (but me). And then I'll turn comment moderation back off.

Her Bad Mother said...

Cutest little sprout!

(I couldn't manage any decent pictures, either.)

Mrs. Chicky said...

Aw, little sprout. Too cute.

And candy always wins. We should just stop trying to fight it.

kittenpie said...

Not that wrong... my parents used to raid mine for more candy to give out to other kids.

Saved my teeth, I guess, and I did get to give away the crappy stuff and save the chocolate.

We didn't even get pics, so I'm hopeing my friend's worked out...

penelopeto said...

that is one delicious lookin little sprout!

and i'm pretty sure it's your DUTY to eat the candy.