Friday, November 17, 2006

Will the real NoMo please stand up?

This whole blogging thing is still new to me. I'm not a technologically-inclined person, nor do I claim to be extraordinarily knowledgeable about the internet. I have been reticent to share current pictures of myself or The Boy due to some vague fear that they could be used for nefarious purposes. (You'll notice that all the pictures of the Boy that I do post never feature him looking directly at the camera -- sort of an homage to the next door neighbour on Home Improvement). As a result, I don't feel as if I've properly introduced myself or fully met all my blogging neighbours that I visit so frequently. So you can imagine how delighted I was to read Her Bad Mother's recent post where she created South Park likenesses of herself and WonderBaby. Here's my chance, I thought! So let me introduce myself and The Boy:

Age: 33
Occupation: TBA. I currently work in the sales department of a news agency, but I am working towards becoming a primary teacher.
Loves: The Husband, The Boy, theatre, reading, movies, good red wine, chocolate, coffee, and, yes, TV (gasp!)
Dislikes: Math, rainy days, rude people on the subway, cilantro, watching sports on TV, bad acting
Freakishly good at: Spelling, remembering children's names
Freakishly bad at: Cooking, remembering the parents' names
Last book I read: Northanger Abbey
Best Feature: My nails (they grow abnormally fast and strong)
Worst Feature: Thighs or Post-Baby Muffin Top - your choice
Current Fave Phrase/Word: Ridiculous

Age: 22mths
Occupation: Entertaining the masses. Serious contender for the position of butterfly goalie with the Maple Leafs.
Loves: Trucks, trains, cars, books, Elmo, Grover, Pasta, Goldfish crackers, Hockey
Dislikes: Vegetables, wearing jackets, having diaper changed, needing help to do anything

Freakishly good at: Learning people's names
Freakishly bad at: Eating soup
Last book I read: Firebears
Best Feature: My laugh. Free and strong and delightfully infectious.

Worst Feature: Nothing
Current Fave Phrase/Word: Don't want to! (but when I say it, it's cute!)

So there's a just little bit about me and The Boy. Anymore, and you'd probably get bored (if you're not already). I'd post a pic of the hubbie too, but I wouldn't do so without his participation and he's asleep right now. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourselves, and if you really want to go crazy, create your own South Park characters and send me the link. I'd really like to meet you!


Beck said...

My, you're both so attractive. And the post-baby muffin top is HOT. (here's hoping.)
Who wants to hang out with someone who hates tv? They're no fun. I love red wine and tv, too.

metro mama said...

We have a ridiculous amount in common. We should do a playdate sometime. I have no school for the whole month of Dec!

I think you live in my old 'hood.

Anonymous said...

Very cool.

I'm also good at remembering kids' names but struggle with their parents' at the moment. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I started out with the intention of avoiding full-face photos of the Bub. (The Pie was another matter - she was nine months old and still enough of a baby that it didn't bother me as much.) Alas for good intentions!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...Patience and I did the South Park cartoons of us. I'd have to archive dive to link and just can't now (nakking) but trust me the doing was the most fun part.

I also like TV.

And happened to have just posted a photo of Patience, face half covered.


P.s. For adults? It's always a big joke that we have no names once we parent. You know, a lot of kids call me "Hey Patience's Mom!" And then adults say sheepishly, "Umm, Patience's Mom...I'm sorry I don't know your real name..."

I don't really know anyone who worries about it. So take heart.

kittenpie said...

Ha! I started my SP self at work the oher day then figured I'd better do it at home so I can save it. Now I must start over, because you rcute self ahs inspired me.

Mrs. Chicky said...

What a lovely smile you have. :)

Sadly, I have no problem plastering my kid's mug all over the internet. I'm dangerous and I must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

We look like we could be twins! hee hee. And I ALSO hate cilantro.

Thanks for letting me know that you did this. I went back and included a link to you.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to meet you. Feel free to visit the South Park version of me some time. Its a fairly new blog, so there won't be anything earth shattering over there, but come on by anyways.