Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lucky Number Seven

Kgirl at The Kids are Alright tagged me with the following meme: to "list seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to".

This is a tough one for me, actually. I'm always listening to music, but rarely seem to have time to listen to albums anymore. Or maybe I'm just lazy and finding the right CD from our large collection is too much effort. I listen to JackFM and Live365 (usually 80's or 60's music) at work. At home, I listen to our downloaded music on "Random Play" - Mr. Earth is all about the random play feature and I just go with it. I can tell you the songs that turn my crank lately when they come up in the scramble:

1. Love is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar)
Something about the "prostitute with the heart of gold" story always gets me. And a girl who shimmies her defiance of her pimp, and can pull off wearing a feather in her hair gets props in my book.

2. Right By Your Side (Eurhythmics)
The Boy and I dance to this constantly. Well, I dance, and the Boy endures my spastic gyrations. Good times.

3. Band of Gold (Freda Payne)
This. Song. Rocks. Man, I wish I had a voice like this chick.

4. I Don't Like Mondays (The Boomtown Rats)
Do I need to explain why this song speaks to me? Granted, the kid's reaction to Mondays was a bit extreme..

5. Come Sail Away (Styx)
Yeah, man. I like a song by Styx. You gotta problem with that? ...Anyways... the beginning of this song is crazy beautiful. The rest? Comme-ci, comme-├ža.

6. Carey (Joni Mitchell)
Love Joni Mitchell. Love. Hands down, this is her coolest song. I often find myself humming it eventhough I still don't know all the words.

7. Anytime (William Finn)
A few weeks ago, Mr Earth took me to see a show called Elegies, by his favourite musical theatre composer. About three quarters of the way through the show, there was a song sung by a mother who had died of cancer. She was singing to her young child who would grow up without her. It broke my heart. It made me want take singing lessons again, simply so that I could somehow attempt to make others feel the way that I felt when I saw this song performed. Most people won't know this composer or this song, so I'm going to post the words now. It may give you an idea of what it's like, but it will not replace what it was like to see it performed live:

Anytime you laugh
Anytime you cry
Anytime you hear a sound
When you're on the grass
Lying on the ground
Anytime you wash your hands
I'll be around
I'm out there on the baseball field
Though I'm well concealed
I'll be out there cheering
I'm out there in the books you read
It is guaranteed
I'm not disappearing fast
Anytime, no not anytime
And I am there each morning
I am there each fall
I am present without warning
And I'm watching it all
Yes I'm watching it all
I am there in music
I am there in sky
I don't know why this thing did happen
But this much is clear
Anytime or anywhere
I am there
Anytime you pray
Anytime you fight
Anytime you gained a pound
Anytime its day
Anytime it's night
Anytime the earth moves
I'll be around
I'm out there in the maple trees
In a summer breeze
On a perfect evening
I'm out there when you celebrate
When the world seems great
I'll be waiting by your side
Anytime, yes anytime
And I am there each morning
I am there each fall
I am present without warning
And I'm watching it all
Yes I'm watching it all
I am there in flowers
I am there in snow
I don't know why this thing happened
But this much is clear
Anytime you cry
Anytime you sing
For anything
And I am there each morning
I am there each fall
I don't know why this thing happened
But this much is clear
Be aware
I am there
I am there
I am there
I am there
I am there
I am there
I am there

For the second part of the meme, I'm supposed to name seven sisters to continue it. Unfortunately, I'm so late to the game, that I think everyone has already done it. If not, please appropriate this meme for yourself and let me know - I'll post your names below. If I reach seven people, I will truly consider myself lucky.


NotSoSage said...

Mmm...Carey. I sometimes have to listen to it on repeat. Over and over and over again.

And that last song. Breaks my heart. Have you seen My Life Without Me, directed by Isabel Coixet and starring Sarah Polley? I saw that before becoming a mother...I don't think that I could even watch it now.

You are so cool...we can totally hang!

metro mama said...

We're al about the random too!

Beck said...

Wait. Love Is A Battlefield is about a prostitute? Did I miss that?
Carey is my favorite Joni Mitchell song, too.

MotherBumper said...

I've often thought that "I don't like Mondays" was my first hardcore rebel song/anthem (I still have it squirreled away on 45 - no seriously, I do). And "Love is a Battlefield"? Oh yeah, I love the prostitute dance number where they over throw the pimp in that wonderful video (and only Pat could play an angry teen at age 30 a la Luke Perry). Excellent list NME (oh wow- your initials are for one of the cool mags of my youth - sweet).

kgirl said...

i've been jonesing the joni lately - carey would definitely do it.

and styx? AWESOME!

awesome that you even admitted it. ;p

this has been so much fun, but you're right, i couldn't find 7 people that hadn't been tagged already.

niloc said...

add me to the meme list. my seven is up.

there is no better way to fully appreciate your collection than hitting that random button.

Gabriella said...

love your choices, and like everyone else said random play is the way to go!

Mimi said...

"There's a silicon chip inside her head, that's set, to o-ver-drive ..."

Ah, Boomtown Rats. I was just explaining this song to Pynchon the other night, as the titular House bashed it on the keyboard with the brain-dead piano prodigy on last week's episode.

"We are strong! Heartache to heartache, we stand! No promises, no demands! Love is a battlefield .."


Mad Hatter said...

OK, so here's a question for you. In fact you could answer it and then turn it into a meme if you want. What 5 songs are you training your toddler to sing with just a whiff of guilty pleasure?

I've confessed in a comment elsewhere that Miss M sings "Shock the Monkey" everynight after dinner.