Saturday, March 24, 2007

Real Moms

The inimitable Mad Hatter tagged me, oh, ages ago to do this meme about Real Moms. I've been so swamped with course work that I haven't had a chance to write about it before now. It's supposed to be accompanied by photos, but I haven't had time for that either (or rather, I had a few moments, but the photos were crap) so that brings me to my first two points:

  1. Real moms don't have time to blog as much as they would like to.
  2. Real moms try to take funny pictures for bloggy memes, but look like crap in them and already have low enough view of their beauty that they certainly don't need to post ugly pictures to prove it to the world at large.
  3. Real moms have to get up at 5:30am to exercise because they can't find any other time in the day.
  4. Real moms constantly have dark circles under their eyes, regardless of whether they had a good night's sleep or not (and they did not - see #3).
  5. Real moms have painfully dry hands from overwashing - so much so that they are cracked and bleeding. (Nobody needs to see a picture of that, do they? O woe is me.)
  6. Real moms know the exact locations of all local coffee joints, how accessible they are for strollers, and whether or not they have a change table. Oh, and know exactly what they are going to order and how much it will cost, so that they can spend the minimum amount of time in line, yet always seem to end up behind someone who has to read the menu in its entirety before ordering.
  7. Real moms spend considerable time wondering where Max and Ruby's parents are, and why Little Bear's parents wear clothes, but Little Bear does not.
  8. Real moms are tired.

I'd like to hear from Metro Mama, Motherbumper, and Funny Bunny. If you've already been tagged, I apologize - I haven't been visiting as much as I'd like. Stupid essays. Stupider exams.


NotSoSage said...

Woo hoo! I'm a real mom, too! I'm with you on everything but #7 'cause I don't know either show (?) book (?).

metro mama said...

My hands are sooo dry.

Hang in there!

Beck said...

Yeah, Little Bear is naked, his dad wears a morning jacket and his mother is fully dressed. What's up with that?
With my first baby, my whole self image was thrown for this HUGE LOOP, and it did take a while, but eventually I did feel cute again. Hold on.

MotherBumper said...

I'm up for it and I'll shout back when I get it done (I feel a Real Mom moment coming on from just typing that one).

Good luck on your work and exams.

Kyla said...

At first I thought Ruby was the mom...and I kept thinking, "Good Lord that little bunny has a smart mouth with his mother!" but then we realized they are siblings. *lol*

Mimi said...

Hands: I love love love LOVE 'helping hands' lotion from lush. Worth whatever they see fit to charge for it -- and I travel to Toronto to buy it. Really. Make handwashing fun again!

kgirl said...

oh yeah, i'm there. except that we don't yet watch those shows, and i am neva eva getting up at 5:30 to exercise. uh uh.

kittenpie said...

yeah, metro just tagged me for this and while I have one for it, I'm all, "But then I have to set up and take photos and upload them to the computer and... ack!"

Bon said...

i'm particularly with you on #2...and the Little Bear question. i mean, really, how am i supposed to keep a diaper on MY child after that kind of example? :)

Gabriella said...

So true so true!!!

Thanks for the tag! Mine's done!

Mad Hatter said...

Lush's Dream Cream. And still they bleed.

I think I even wrote a post once about Max and Ruby's missing folks once. I saw Oprah at the gym last week and she was on about lost childhood--children and teens who must shoulder the burden of running the home. It was a depressing episode. I thought of Ruby.

Lately I've been so stuck on the gender issues in Max and Ruby. Ruby always has to yield. Max always gets his way. Argh!!

Great job with the meme. You have hit the idea of real motherhood on the head, you have.