Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm a Bag Lady

Her Bad Mother, Motherbumbper and Kyla all recently shared the interesting contents of their bags, and I thought it was too good an idea to pass up. Don't expect too much, though. I am admittedly "no Mother Earth", but I'm also "no Yummy Mummy" either. Here's my rather glamourous lifestyle poured out for your voyeuristic pleasure...


Yes, I probably should be nominated for What Not to Wear for this bag alone. What would Stacey and Clinton say? Probably that I don't look like I care about my job, or looking professional...Well, you hit the nail on the head. And, NO, I don't work for RBC Insurance, thank goodness. This is just the elegant swag that Mr Earth picked up at one of his pension conferences. Since it was better than anything I owned, I appropriated it. I like it because it's stain-proof, zips at the top (during rainstorms), has easy access pockets for snacks, and can fit workout clothes, sippy cups and lunch - all at the same time. I'm a woman on the go!


What does the bag actually contain at this moment?

In the main compartment:

1. A red file folder, for all my VERY important papers (ha, ha!). Right now the "papers" are FitMom handouts, a daily schedule for the Boy (who stayed with my parents recently), and a request form for my gestational diabetes test next week.

2. My latest book - Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides. I haven't had much time to read recently with the Boy being sick, but so far I like it. If a bag can't hold a book, I have no use for it. I never go anywhere without a book.

3. An umbrella, because I hate it when my hair gets wet. I look like a drowned rat.

4. OPI nailpolish in Quarter of a Cent-Cherry. I was hiding it there so that Mr Earth wouldn't find out that I spent another $11.00 on nail polish. Toe polish in the summer is one of my fetishes.

In the mesh pockets (how elegant and refined I am..):

1. Kleenex travel pack. The Boy has a lot of "snoggy" noses.

2. Dental floss in Tutti-Fruitti. My dentist gave me this and I somehow thought it was handy to keep around. I never use it. I like my mint-waxed dental tape at home. Real dental floss gets stuck in my teeth. What do you do when dental floss gets stuck in your teeth?

3. Sunglasses and case. It's way too bright out for my poor peepers.

In the front zipper compartment:

1. A wallet. Yes, I call it a wallet and have no problem with that. I got it for Christmas - my first grown up wallet that holds both coins, bills AND has a place for baby pictures. Before that, I was using a business card holder and a dollar-store change purse.

2. My house key, on an elastic wrist holder. I take a key when I'm running, and I don't like a lot of bulk and I can't stand the jangling noise. Also, we only need one house key for our whole house.

3. The Boy's immunization record. Hey, you never know when you're gonna need it. It's also a handy carrying case for doctor appointment cards, stamps, and my Student ID numbers for York and Ryerson.

4. A metal nail file. The number one reason I get stopped at airports. I'm also prepared if I need to break out of jail. But other than that, I always say that the way to beautiful, long nails is daily filing.

5. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish in an unnamed pale pink colour. Gives my nails extra protection, and almost looks like I have a french manicure. Or, maybe I'm deluded. But my nails tend to break less, and it's the only "colour" I can stand to have on my fingernails.

6. Not one, but TWO pens. Cause you never know when you're going to have to write down some hot guy's phone number. Um, wait - that's someone else's life...

7. A thick black magic marker - for labelling diapers and wipes that go to daycare.

8. A post-it with a list of books I'd like to buy for the Boy. Written down after reading Miss M's latest book list.

9. Orbit sugarless gum in spearmint. Hands down, the best sugarless gum I've found. Unfortunately, I can't find it in Toronto at all. If anyone knows where to find it, lemme know. I'm down to my last pack and already jonesing for some more. Addicted much?

Don't know what my bag says about me other than that I'm practical and rather unfashionable. Care to pschoanalyze me?


jen said...

i'll go with practical. and it took me the longest time to realize that was an umbrella.

Beck said...

Hm. A very interesting purse.
AS I've mentioned in mine: Dirty kleenex and nothing but dirty kleenex.

kittenpie said...

Practical, organized, tidy. Nothing like mine...

kgirl said...

um... you're really into your nails? Very organized. If I had an immunization record for Bee, I'd have lost it by now.
Middlesex is good. My bag didn't have a book in it only because I'm reading a hard cover, and it's too heavy to shlep when I know I won't have a chance to read it.

kgirl said...

p.s. are you gonna show us a picture of your belly, or what?

Mad Hatter said...

Flavoured dental floss? Ew.

Middlesex? Liked it.

Toenail polish? Can't get enough.

Rach the Bach said...

No muss, no fuss. So it's not a yummy mummy bag...who gives a flip? You've got time for that later if you like. Oh, I think I've got that same color of OPI polish on my toes, too. Got the pedicure last, fun, fun!

Gabriella said...

I'm so nosy! Love these types of posts!

painted maypole said...

the amount of nail care things you had was astonishing to me. And no one seems to have the bits of wrappers and used kleenex and receipts and months old grocery lists that I have in my purse! Do you all actually throw that stuff away in a timely fashion, or just weed it out for the photos?

Sandra said...

This whole bag thing is fun. I am SO not showing what is in mine though.

It is good to know someone who could help me break out of jail if I ever needed it :)

thirtysomething said...

This was fun. I am going to dump my bag out and see what I may have in there of interest. I guess I can say that I am not into nailcare with quite the voracity as you are, but my toes are a different story. Don't go anywhere without them painted and looking their finest. Wierd, I know.
Sippy cups, now there is a similarity.

ewe are here said...

Practical. Like me. ;-)

And, like you, I believe that my toes are naked if they don't have polish on them, especially in the summer. Must.have.lots.of.polish.color.options! hee hee

b*babbler said...

Wasn't this fun? I did this also!

I definitely agree with you about one of the requirements for a good bag - if it doesn't fit a book, the bag will end up in a junk pile in my house. Oh, and I loved Middlesex. It was excellent in spite of the Oprah recommendation.

I laughed about hiding the nail polish from your husband. I do this with books (I sneak them on the shelves, where they blend in nicely with my other books).

Oh, and most importantly - Orbit gum? I think they have this at Wal-mart. I recall seeing it recently, and I think that was where I spotted it.

mamatulip said...

Oh, Nomo (I just typed that in backwards and almost called you Mono), I LOVED Middlesex. It's fabulous. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

motherbumper said...

I'm thinking you must have beautiful nails. I'm saying you are polished and practical (hee, I crack myself up).

Her Bad Mother said...

I always carry at LEAST two pens, somewhere on my person. Although at last check it was two CRAYONS, but whatevs. Same thing, just a little more chewed up.

Simply Hollie said...

love yor contents and cant beleive how very organized you are..In mine you find a set of scriptures from going to church yesterday, a wallet, a few reciepts tucked in a pocket, Mentos, TTC pass, strip of tickets for Roo, and my envie of coupons.

Kyla said...

You ARE organized! And I love that you are hiding your nail polish. :)

Susanne said...

I love those bag posts. And yes, you are practical also I congratulate you to the lack of old crumbled up anything in your purse.

I never leave the house without a book either though mostly I make do with what my PDA can hold these days. I'll do a post like this in the next few days.

Christine said...

great book!

T. said...

Hi! was just browsing thru and came accidently on ur blog but loved readin it.. I've just add ur URL on my fav... and ughh u dont wanna know wats in my bag! I think I got a half eaten sandwich and a lip gloss and lots of reminder notes! LOL!