Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer Fever

Time moves sluggishly through the pea soup air,
Heat becomes unbearable, no relief inside or out,
Nowhere to go, it burns
Trapped in a small head, small hands, small feet.
Lay your head on me and I will try:
To make it better,
To make you happy,
To make everything alright.
I will try,
And I will fail.
So I will caress the sweaty hair,
Snuggle the clammy arms,
Smooth the slick legs,
And wish my breath would cool the fever inside.


painted maypole said...

Hope that summer fever passes. We have so far managed to avoid the ickyness that a good portion of my extended family came down with in England. I am hoping my current achiness is just jet lag and soreness from 12 hours on airplanes... we'll see.

Lovely to catch up with all you've been doing while I am gone. LOVE the boys conversations. And your new banner on your blog.

Beck said...

Poor sick little man! Summer colds suck.
Here's the answer about apples, which I also answered at my place:
Apples (and other fruits with like textures) present choking hazards in a couple of ways, actually - the skin is choke-y AND they can bite off more than they can chew, literally. Until my kids are six, I peel their apples and cut them into cubes.
You DO know your kid the best - if he is a cautious eater, then you can decide what the appropriate risk level is for him. My Boy eats like a duck, so I have to be overcautious.

Suz said...

Poor little one....

b*babbler said...

Oh I'm so sorry. How terrible for the boy (and for mommy!) especially during such hot and humid weather. Even with the best a/c in the world, it's still a rough time to be sick.

Here's hoping it passes quickly.

crazymumma said...


now. now I feel cool. and I hope he does. what a time to feel sick.

that was nice. soothing really.

ewe are here said...

Oh no, summer colds are no fun. Baby Boo just had one, and I suspect MF's nose is a tad runnier than usual at the moment... could be catching!


mamatulip said...

"Time moves sluggishly through the pea soup air"

That is such a fabulous line. Sums it up pretty nicely.

Hope the sickies pass quickly.

Kyla said...


And I hope the Boy feels better soon!

slouching mom said...

This was so lyrical.

Hope he's better soon, and that the heat takes its leave.

metro mama said...

This is very poignant. Hope he's all better now.