Saturday, November 10, 2007

His Story

The day started at 4am, which is waaay too early for anything to start if you ask me. I woke up feeling slightly "wet". Disgusting as that may be (TMI anyone?), at 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I was only slightly surprised. I thought it best to haul ass to the bathroom, though, before any further accident occurred. When I stood up to wipe myself off, the dam burst. The toilet paper in my hand looked unequal to the job. So, not knowing what else to do I grabbed a towel from the wall and put it down on the floor and just stood there.

Thoughts running through my head? "This can't really be happening can it?? It's too early." Or "Crap, this is really happening. But I have a shower to go to tomorrow, and theatre tickets next Saturday!" And, "Yay, I'm going into labour so nobody will force me to have a repeat section because I'm overdue!" And finally, "What the hell do I do now??"

The answer to that last question was pack a travel bag for the Boy and assemble my hospital bag. I tried to do as much as I could before waking Mr Earth. No sense in him losing sleep too. I was WIDE AWAKE though. Why do they suggest going back to bed at this point? No deal for me. Finally, though, I had to wake the man and let him know what was happening. It took a while for him to register it because we simply were not expecting this so early.

I thought that I was supposed to go in to the hospital right away. I was sure the doctor had said to do this because of the whole VBAC situation. But since it was so early and way too inconvenient to wake the Boy, we called the hospital instead. They said to wait until the contractions were closer together.

So, the day went on as usual, except that I decided to NOT to go for a run that morning. It seemed unwise. We did go grocery shopping, though, and then sort of hung out at home. I started using low-toning for the contractions which were about 15 minutes apart. We called all three sets of parents to let them know what was happening, and to arrange for someone to watch the Boy as my parents were in New Jersey. Mr Earth's stepmother was on call and ready to come by.

The low-toning got a little boring for me (short attention span), so I started singing with each contraction instead. For some reason, the only song I could think of was "Do You Hear The People Sing" from Les Misérables. Not the most appropriate lyrics, but very inspirational. It was the only song with low notes that came to mind anyways, so I was stuck with it.

Finally, around 3pm in the afternoon, I had had enough and wanted to go for a walk. The Boy was being rather obstinate but into the stroller he went despite complaints. We walked down to the local Second Cup and I had a mulled apple cider. I wondered if people could tell I was in (early) labour. We started walking again - I wanted to return a book to the library - but I decided that we should go home as the contractions were getting worse. Of course, the Boy wanted to walk home so it took a loooong time.

We finally got home around 5pm and decided we really should call Mr Earth's stepmother as it would take her 45 minutes to get to our house and the contractions were now steadily 5 minutes apart. And active labour had begun. I spent much of the next hour on my hands and knees moaning in pain. It frightened the Boy, who kept shushing me, but I really couldn't help myself.

Mr Earth's stepmother finally got there at around 10 minutes to 6pm and we rushed to the car. I have never hated being in car so much. I felt confined in a uncomfortable seat, and each contraction was hellish. I hated every bump. I cursed the Bloor Street traffic. I hit the wall of the car. I was VERY mature.

Mr Earth dropped me off at admitting so he could go park the car. I waited interminable for the two receptionists to stop having their debate about what to eat for dinner. Finally, the girl deigned to help me. I left the papers on her desk and got down on my hands and knees again, moaning. Yeah, this is not embarrassing at all. Strangely, she asked no questions. I was sort of expecting an "Are you all right?" or "Can I get you a wheelchair", or "Should I call a nurse?" Nothing. Once she admitted us she pointed us in the direction of the elevators. I'm pretty sure I gave her the blackest look of death I had. Don't piss off the woman in labour..

In the elevator, I got down on my hands and knees again with contractions. I had to crawl out of the doors. Some guy gave me a strange look. He pissed me off too. At triage, they put me in a room and did an exam to see how far along I was. The woman was really abrupt and rather unkindly shoved her hand up the wazoo in the middle of a contraction. She REALLY pissed me off. I was at 5 centimetres.

I was taken (walked? I can't remember) to the labour room. I had high hopes of waiting till 6 centimetres before even considering an epidural, but the pain was too much. I really thought I had a better tolerance for pain. I was doing my best not to scream through contractions, which were coming one on top of the other. I was VERY loud. The hospital phrased it "patient was in distress". They couldn't get the IV to stop bleeding or stay stuck to my hand. They apparently gave me an epidural, but after my constant polite questions of "When is that damn epidural supposed to work??" they finally realized that it hadn't "taken". WTF???

So, at around 8:30 and 8 or 9 centimetres dilated, they gave me a spinal. After that, I felt FINE. Contractions were happening nonstop but I couldn't feel them. They gave me about half an hour before they wanted me to start pushing. They said I might feel the urge to push, but I didn't believe them because I felt FIIIINE. I did feel the urge, though.

The pushing (with drugs) was actually not bad. Rather uncomfortable, but not nearly as awful as I thought. It was all going so fast. I felt a rush of blood (ruined a perfectly good pair of sport socks in the process), and they pulled out the baby. As they brought him up to my chest, I saw the goods and knew it was a boy, and no one had to make the "It's a Boy!" announcement I was so looking forward to.

I got to hold him for a spell. He was so small it was like holding on to air. I barely felt the weight of him. I was in shock that it was November 3rd and I was holding my baby already. The family complete. The trio turned quartet. Life is good.

Now, if only we could find time to sleep.

A shout out to the Peeps from the little guy. Yo, yo, yo!


Kyla said...

Oh, he's perfect.

And you? YOU ARE CRAZY? Returning library books in labor? Wow. I can't even return them on time when I'm NOT in labor. ;)

Congratulations, Nomo. Congratulations.

Christine said...

this so made me cry as almost every detail was like my vbac--even the hands and knees on the floor in the hospital part! but mine ended with a c-section because my kids are HUGE.

You did such a great job, nomo. really he is gorgeous and you were obviously such a champ through it all.

Congratulation mama. you're awesome.

what are the stats--weight, etc?

Christine said...

wait--duh--just realized mr earth already posted the weight. duh.

b*babbler said...

Awww... how cute is he? I love the story. Isnt it the strangest thing when your water breaks? I distinctly remember putting a pantyliner in before heading to the hospital. I'll let you stop and laugh at that one.

Way to go on having the VBAC though! How perfect!

(Oh, were you at St. Joe's? That's where I started out, and had a couple of those "shove it up the wazoo with nary an introduction" types.)

b*babbler said...

Sorry, meant to mention - interested in a High Park playdate/walk when you're ready?

something blue said...

He's so adorable. You did absolutely amazing!

"When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start" seems to work!

jen said...

Yo, yo, yo, INDEED!

well DONE!

painted maypole said...

welcome, baby earth.

thanks for telling the story. :)

"Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men, it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again..."

oh. and I loved that your boy shushed you. too funny.

Beck said...

Hey! He's a BABY! A CUTE BABY!
I just cried through my whole labour with The Baby. Cried for five whole hours. That was my big coping method. So I am in freaking AWE of you.

Chantal said...

Awe what a beautiful story. Very happy for you all! He is adorable.

Lisa b said...

He is so cute and that is a great story.
Pretty much reminds me of my labours: I recall specific events puncutated with people pissing me off, ended with, and you describe this perfectly, this amazingly tiny little person.
Congrats to you all!

Mad Hatter said...

Oh, he is lovely, positively lovely.

And what's with people pissing off women in labour. Seriously? It's like they go out of their way.

bubandpie said...

So, I totally missed the "pm" part of the previous post - I thought you'd had the baby 5 hours after your water broke!

Still, what a great thing - you got your VBAC, your boy... lovely.

(And I love it - "Do you hear the poeple sing? It is a song of angry men, it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!" What great music for him to hear on his way into the world.)

bubandpie said...

Oops - I see Painted Maypole got in there ahead of me with those lyrics - but they're inspiring all the same.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are one hard-core library patron. Good on you.

Yeah!, for the new babe. Didn't it feel awesome the first time you said "my sons" out loud?

I am so jealous that your epidural worked. I was all psyched for one and then it didn't work and so I suffered. NOT in silence.

the dragonfly said...

Oh, he is so beautiful!!! Aren't babies just incredible? Precious tiny life.

And wow for you. When my water broke we went right to the hospital (after I took a shower). Of course, my contractions had been painful and 3-5 minutes apart for THREE DAYS. I am amazed at how you spent your day in labor! And *very* impressed!!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

congratulations!! Boys are good!

He's beautiful. Such expressive eyes!!

Kelly said...

Fanstastic story. Congrats to you and your beautiful family.

Nora Bee said...

Congrats! He's a looker!

NotSoSage said...

Oh, nomo, he's bee-oootiful.


And, having spent 4 days in early labour myself, I totally understand wandering around and thinking, "Do people know I'm in labour?" That made me laugh.

kgirl said...

Beautiful, beautiful boy. And great story. (well, except for the muddled up pain relief.)
The thought of you crawling out of the elevator made me seriously crack up.
Here's hoping I'll be able to compare notes soon.

Gabriella said...

Oh he's precious! I love reading these stories...
I did the crawling on the knees thing too and no one around me seemed that concerned...I guess they've seen it all before.

Congratulations though on having the vbac birth you wanted!

Rach the Bach said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so sorry the staff were so awful to you...don't you wonder sometimes how people get hired at hospitals? (It's like they're interviewed by chimpanzees or something.) Tell Mr. Earth it was wonderful to hear from him! So happy your little boy is here and healthy! Best wishes to you.

crazymumma said...

crawling out of the elevator. Now THAT sounds familiar.

He is stunning.

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh just look at him!! So gorgeous... and another redhead?!? Congratulations!!

Mac and Cheese said...

Soooooooo cute! He looks pretty alert already!

I thought I would have had a high tolerance for labour pain too, but the second I was admitted to the hospital, I was grabbing everyone I could and asking for drugs. The janitor thought it was odd.

kgirl said...

dang; can't find your new email address; i'll keep looking so i can send a real note.

DaniGirl said...

And the award for the line *least* likely to appear in a blogger's birth story goes to: "except that I decided to NOT to go for a run that morning. It seemed unwise."

What a great story! I'll be humming Les Mis all day now.

Kathryn said...

Congratulations! You did a fabulous job! Don't you feel like SuperWoman? Well, you should!
What a precious little man. So cute!

Bon said...

he is so, so beautiful.

and i am outraged that somebody let you get down on your hands and knees without asking if you needed a wheelchair, or if you were okay. humanity, people. it's called a little humanity.

but yay on the VBAC!

kittenpie said...

OH, I'm glad it all went perfectly, and that is the cutest picture (and I'm not a real baby person, so you know I mean that). He totally looks like he's grinning and waving at the fans!

Veronica Mitchell said...

Congratulations. What a handsome little fella.

mamatulip said...

He's GORGEOUS!! Congratulations to all of you!

Emily said...


I left a little reply to your comment at HBM today.

Badness Jones said...

So Beautiful! You brave lady! Congratulations!

Mimi said...

Oh, he's goooooorgeous, and you're a champ. I would have been giving the death glare at the hospital too. Hoorah for you, doing your VBAC the way you wanted to! Yay! And congratulations again on your new addition.

motherbumper said...

YO YO lil' you - wow oh wow he is super cute.

Now that was a roller coaster ride! Holy heck - I had to start pushing while still feeling fiiiiiine and was surprized I could do it too - but holy heck - your story had me squirming.

So glad that you are all healthy albeit in need of sleep. Congratulations!

KC said...


(sorry about the sport socks)
p.s. I heart the entire Les Mis soundtrack.

Her Bad Mother said...

He's beautiful. Amazing.

ewe are here said...


And he's just gorgeous!

Susanne said...

I can't believe I didn't comment no this post. I read it ages ago and thought about it ever since. He is so cute, and thank you for telling the story in all detail...