Monday, February 04, 2008

Report Card #3

It's always fun to see your kid from the viewpoint of others, so I love these little "Child Development Reviews" that they give from our daycare. I pretty much think the sun shines out of the Boy's arse (when he's not being a maniac), so I need some perspective. My comments are in italics:

Language Development

[The Boy] is a very verbal child and is not afraid to ask for help. He always has wonderful stories to tell and is an active participant during circle. [The Boy] enjoys singing songs with Rob, listening to stories during circle time and he is often heard singing his favourite songs throughout the day.

Yup, not afraid to ask for help, although "Mummy help" usually means "Mummy do." Lucky for him I'm a sucker for good manners. As long as he says please, I'm pretty much his puppet on a string. The Boy has just started to develop his own interests when it comes to music. This is really funny until he asks you repeatedly to sing a song that you've never heard of, or until you have to listen to Speed Turtle for the gazillionth time.

Cognitive Development

[The Boy] has a wonderful imagination. He is often found in the dramatic area with several other children role playing, or cooking lunch for babies and animals. [The Boy] is able to recognize some letters, especially those in his name, and count objects consecutively. He enjoys putting together puzzles alone or together with other children.

The question is - what are these babies and animals having for lunch? And why doesn't he make lunch for me?? I'm really busy sitting on my ass and eating bonbons, after all. I digress. I would disagree with recognizing "some" letters, I would say that he recognizes about 23 of the 26 letters in the alphabet. I would also disagree with the counting objects consecutively, unless you think "1 2, 3, 5, 9, 14, 15, 16" is consecutive, that is.

Motor Development (Fine/Gross)

[The Boy] has wonderful fine motor skills. He hold pencils with the pincer grasp when he is creating his many daily masterpieces. [The Boy] has been practicing very hard at independently taking off his slippers, as well as putting on his boots. Way to go, [The Boy]!! Outside, [The Boy] enjoys riding the bicycles, building sand castles, playing in the playhouse and playing soccer and hockey.

Other than the part about the pincer grasp and daily masterpieces, this comment is clearly meant for another child. We have a really cool bike that we got last Christmas that is gathering dust in the shed. We also have sports equipment that rarely gets touched. But we do have a LOT of artwork. I mean, a LOT. I'm thinking of selling it on Ebay. Didn't some guy make a film recently about his kid's artwork being indistinguishable from modern art?? I stand to make thousands. To support my bonbon habit, of course.

Food Consumption / Sleeping Behaviours

Most days [The Boy] is a great eater, often asking for second servings. [The Boy] sleeps at least an hour every day.

Sure, he's a great eater at our house, if I serve only pasta and crackers. I swear, he goes to daycare solely to avoid scurvy.

Social Interaction (Peers/Adults)

[The Boy] is very social. He is always playing with many friends in the dramatic area or working together to build castles and cars with the blocks. [The Boy] has no fears about expressing his emotions or concerns to peers and adults.

He must get this from his dad.

Inappropriate Behaviours to Monitor (if appl)


Ha! Obviously, he saves the tantrums for me.

Additional Comments

[The Boy] is a joy to have in the classroom. He always has a smile on his face and is always ready to joke around and have fun.

This is the Boy at his best. I know I'm biased, but I think he'spretty fantastic little man. We're very lucky.


In other news, check out the new bling on my sidebar, awarded by the lovely KC at Where's My Cape. I'm blushing.

I'd like to pass on the blingy goodness to another excellent one-handed blogger, Kgirl at The Kid's are Alright. Eventhough she only gets to post when the stars align and the kids are asleep (I hear ya, man), every post is gold.


Christine said...

these things are always fun to get, huh? I haven't receive done for my 3 year old son yet--but i am EAGER (read: scared) to see what they say!

Running on empty

ewe are here said...

I rather enjoy Ramekin's little report cards for the same reason... just emphasizes how very lucky we are to have such a lovely, fun little boy.

Beck said...

I find the whole idea of grading toddlers to be rather icky, although I can see the appeal of it - I wonder how the Baby would do.

Mad Hatter said...

There's no report cards at Miss M's day care so I must live vicariously through these posts. I get a big kick out of each and every one b/c it feels as if The Boy and Miss M are lost kindred spirits--except for that bit where the Boy is so well socialized.

Congratulations on your own bloggy report card. E for Excellent indeed!

cinnamon gurl said...

I don't get report cards either but what a lovely one for the Boy. And congrats on your own report...

Tracey said...

Hey, as long as they're behaving when out of the house, life is good.

Kyla said...

I always enjoy reading about the Boy. I get these, too, but in the form of evaluations and such. I think makes them slightly less enjoyable, but interesting nonetheless.

Mimi said...

What is it with 1-2-3-5? That's the order of things around my house too. What did poor 4 ever do to get so neglected?

You Boy sounds like a real treat!

kittenpie said...

We don't get report card-y things, so I find these pretty interesting, I must say!

bren j. said...

A report card? In daycare? I'm baffled. Still, it sounds like your son could have a promising career on Broadway, thereby supporting that bonbon habit of yours. Brilliant!

NotSoSage said...

Oh, the scurvy thing. Exactly. I've said as much, myself. Although recently I learned that asking Mme L how she eats at daycare can sometimes inspire her to eat that way at home. Now that I've committed that to writing, of course, it'll stop working.