Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amateur, but not Amateur-ish

I've been acting for twenty years now. (Twenty. Gah! It galls me to admit that. I feel ancient.) Whenever someone asks me what I've done, though, I get all shy-like. You see, about 95% of my acting experience has been in community theatre. Local theatre. Amateur theatre. Non-professional theatre. Call it what you will, people tend to back off like you've dropped a stinkbomb in their lap.

Community theatre used to be about a bunch of local yokels getting together and putting on a play. They may or may not have had any theatrical experience. They may have had a lot of heart, but very little skill, and almost no production values. Well, times have changed, my friends. Sure there are clunkers out there, I readily admit that. I've seen some really bad shows. I may have even been in one or two of them. There's a whole other side to community theatre, though, of which many people are not aware.

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