Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can Adults Go Back to Kindergarten?

Because I really think I need a refresher. I swore that I would do everything differently the second time around. That I would finally be "the perfect parent". Yeah, and that's going to happen REALLY SOON... Just wait for it... Ok, anytime now.

The only thing that's different this time around are the mistakes I make. (Hey, at least I'm not make the same mistakes as before! That's progress, right??)

Moving right along. It's Thursday! Go on over to Playdate and read about the timely lesson I received from reading a kid's picture book. It's never to late to learn.

C'mon. Show Mama Drama some love.

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crazymumma said...

I went and I read but I am commenting here because i am too damn lazy to type in my name email and url. Or hurl as the case may be.

I, think all the time about the lost opportunities to play. The times I am TOO BUSY. Thinking hey. I will play after I have done the kitchen and folded the laundry.

and once I am done , they do not want me, or it is time for bed.

It takes a huge force for me to stop what I consider needs to be done to truly do what needs to be done you know?