Monday, September 24, 2007

Change is in the air

Whew! After several weekends of doing far more work than I like to do on the weekend (lazy creature that I am), we finally have the Boy's "Big Boy Room" in order. Well mostly, anyways. The Boy has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor à la Skid Row for the past week. The bed frame was finally delivered on Saturday morning. Mr Earth made a run Friday night to the only kids store we found that carries a bed rail meant for a platform beds. Eventhough we technically didn't get a platform bed, it essentially is one because there is no need for a boxspring. The store was all the way in Oakville and the bed rail was not cheap (of course not - don't want to make it easy). He's such a good husband.

We haven't moved all his clothes in yet, because I have to install the shelving in our makeshift "dresser". We re-purposed the old TV stand into a dresser because we're poor from buying the bed. And, we still have to find a new home for our spare TV. I suspect that one of the reasons the Boy likes his new room so much is that he thinks it comes with a TV. Think again, kiddo.

All in all, though, I think it turned out okay:

The Wall Candy. Look Boss, the planes! The planes!!

The Shelves. The re-puporsed ugly gray shelving is almost cheerful. (And yes, that is, in fact, a bear wearing handcuffs. It's a long story. But what kid's room would be complete without a bear in chains?)

The Art Corner. Where masterpieces are created everyday. That blurry spot under the bulletin board is the Boy's name lovingly handpainted by moi. (The truth is, I would always rather do crafts than clean, so I made up some things to do here to avoid work). I tried to blur his name out to maintain anonymity, but I suck at photoshop and that's the best I could do. It's pretty obvious what it says.

The Bed. Who knew such a simple thing could cause so much stress? But here it is finally. Isn't it beautiful? My child now officially has a nicer bed than I do. Life is so unfair.

The Bird. Could Big Bird ask for a better throne? He looks pretty comfy. I can deny him nothing though, he is helping the Boy make the adjustment to the new bed. Erego, what the Bird wants, the Bird gets.

...And, because I worked so hard, I got me a new 'Do. Check it out. Even at 11:30pm it still looks okay. Please ignore the bags under my eyes - I'd been up since since 4:30am. Not working, of course, just not sleeping. Sleep deprivation BEFORE baby is just totally unfair...

The Do. That is the closest I can get to a "sexy, pouty face". Sad, isn't it? Mr Earth is a lucky, lucky man..


bren j. said...

Cute hair!
Love the bear in chains! You did a great job decorating.

Beck said...

You are very cute! My sexy face is just frightening, really. My husband always tells me that I look like a terrorist when I'm trying to be sexy. That's me - a sexy terrorist.
His room is ADORABLE! Great job!

painted maypole said...

cute room, cute bird, cute blogger!

and I am with you on the crafts vs. cleaning thing. In fact, the grime on my kitchen floor is calling out to me now. I forwent (is that a word?) washing it yesterday to color with The May Queen

Kyla said...

You did great! Want to come do KayTar's? LOL!

And look! It's you! You are adorable. I don't know if I've ever seen you before!

kgirl said...

aww, the room is adorable. (so is the haircut!)
miraculously, bee has started to want to sleep in her own room, so i guess we should finish it up. thanks for the motivation.

metro mama said...

Looks great!

cinnamon gurl said...

I didn't know you were a redhead too! I thought it was just the boy... good pouting, love the hair!

The room looks awesome!! I LOVE the airplanes.

Mad Hatter said...

Whaaaaa? The beauty that is you! The beauty that it you!

Nice room too.

b*babbler said...

Fantastic room, fantastic haircut.

Go you!

Bon said...

oh man, you're a redhead! love the 'do (and the sexy pouty're hott) but i really really love the colour. sassy and rich.

and the Boy's room? nice work, maman.

KC said...

That's a great big boy room! We'll be transitioning to a big girl room pretty soon. Furniture is ordered. Our kids are so much luckier than us. I had like a wooden plank to sleep on and milk crates.

Christine said...

you are super sexy you! i always wanted to be a read head.

and i think the room is super cute!

Susanne said...

This room looks so good! (And my son still sleeps in what had been our living room and now looks like a living room with a toddler bed and a child-size chair and table squeezed in.

Your hair looks great (I have always wanted to be a redhead, I even dyed my hair red for decades.). And your bags under the eyes? Ha! This is what I don't even achieve on a good day.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Cute sheets, cute room!!

I know about those bed rails! I have 2 of them. They are very $$$$. And the most frustrating thing was that the store we purhcased the happy boy's bed didn't carry them! We had to go somewhere else.

Sounds like you are doing a good job nesting. I did the same before The Weed was born, so I get it! And I love to do the crafts too.

LoryKC said...

YES! Sleep deprivation BEFORE baby is MOST unfair!
(Can you tell I'm feeling your pain?!) ;)
The new do is cool (though I've never seen the old look) and I can't even see any circles under your eyes!
(Of course, my vision is a little hazy...)
CUTE CUTE room! Lucky, lucky little boy!

Mimi said...

Hey good lookin'! That sleep deprivation is soo soooooo cruel. But you look fab nevertheless.

The Boy's room looks great! Really cheery (except for Bondage Bear ...) and you must feel so awesome to have it done. Yay!

mamatulip said...

Oh my gosh, the room is AMAZING!! I love it!

And you are gorgeous, my dear. Simply gorgeous.

NotSoSage said...

That is a rockin room. And the hair. The hair is hawt.

ewe are here said...

Great hair! Lovely color, too - I'm jealous. ;-)

I love the planes on the walls... very little boyish.

crazymumma said...

You're beautiful.

I was just agonizing about my childrens rooms last night.

ali said...

i love it! the room and the hair :)

kittenpie said...

Nice job on the room! I am still trying to prod Misterpie into helping me finish ours. Maybe an actual cattle prod would help... or could I borrow you two?

Lisa b said...

The Planes!! I want a boy.