Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Drawer Boy

On Friday, when we were stuck inside the house for the majority of the day, the Boy and I spent the some time doing our favourite thing - drawing. Here are the results...

Artist: The Boy
Description: A card that he made for his mother first thing in the morning while she was feeding the Little Guy. Note the use of colour - indicating a strong affinity for inclusion and multiculturalism, despite the rather un-PC title (the artist is still too young to understand the sometimes unsavoury connotations of the word "funny"). People of all colours are most welcome in the artist's world. Especially the blue ones. Not that blue people are any better than anyone else...

Artist: The Boy
Description: While critics have compared it to his earlier work "Lady Walking in a Windstorm", this is indeed the first in a series of Superman drawings. The triangular composition is impressive in such a young artist, and his use of movement and line show promise.

Artist: The Boy
Description: A continuation of his much-famed Superman series, it is in this second work that we see the growth of the artist. The features are more proportional, and show much less fear than his earlier attempts. This Superman is in charge of the situation. The cape has moved from the head to the back and has been extended to indicate strength of purpose. Superman still has an air of hesitancy, which is explored further in later works.

Title: DOG
Artist: The Boy
Description: Titled simply "Dog", the artist has gone back to the basics, showing the natural world at its finest. This quirky little chap bears a striking resemblance to Milou, Tintin's dog. This is particularly ironic, as the artist's mother is often remarking that her son is a dead ringer for Tintin - especially after a haircut. In reality, the artist was probably inspired by his next door neighbour's dog, Seamus.

Artist: The Boy
Description: Possibly one of the Boy's greatest works to date. The proportions and compostion are nothing short of fantastic. However, what is truly unique about this work is the story behind it. Mummy is the figure on the LEFT, and Daddy is the figure on the RIGHT, and not the other way around as was first assumed. Daddy, it is told, wears a dress to work.

*All works included this showing are property of the artist, The Boy. Use of these images without express permission of the artist is strictly forbidden. Should anyone wish to obtain rights to an image, please contact his extremely proud mother.


daysgoby said...

Those are fabulous! Totally frame-worthy!

Alpha DogMa said...

Those are great. There are kids in my son's kindergarten class who can't draw that well. Good job, The Boy.

Kyla said...

He's really great at this!!! Wow!

kittenpie said...

Wow, the boy is quite the artist! Seriously, that is as good as anything more three- or even four-year-olds are coming out with, that I've seen.

bren j. said...

Oh goodness those are great. My favourite is the second superman picture with the extra long cape. So Daddy wears a dress to work, hey? Those just never know about them and their interpretations sometimes. :)

painted maypole said...


womaninawindow said...

These prints are wonderful. It's always neat to see how other kids create. Makes you realize just how unique all these kids are!

Christine said...

you SHOULD be extremely proud--those ar e good for three (he is 3 right?)

jen said...

now see, he is most precious.

motherbumper said...

Excellent work. And yes, Superman is reminiscent of ""Lady Walking in a Windstorm". Oh and thanks for clearing up that was a cape on Superman two. Somebody slap me.

Phyl said...

Here's lots of love...I am so loving your blog:).

I am adding you to my blog roll.

Hang in there; despite how it feels some days, you are doing a wonderful job!