Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He Ain't Heavy

I don't know exactly why, but I always feel compelled to defend the Little Guy. Maybe it's because he's the second child and second children always seem to get short shrift. Maybe it's because people are always extolling the virtues of the Boy, saying how well-mannered and fun he is, and yet don't have much of anything to say about the baby. Maybe it's because some people keep expecting the Little Guy to somehow be more advanced, and I feel the need to say "He's just a baby! He's going to cry and fuss, but that doesn't mean he's going to be that way forever. He's teething! He's got separation anxiety! He's a baby! Lighten up!"

But what really gets my already over-sensitive and ready-to-rumble goat? The near constant references to his size. He's just shy of 11 months and weighs about 23 pounds. He's also not that much shorter than his brother (if he could stand, that is). He's wearing his brother's discarded onesies in size 18-24 months, and while they are too big, he's definitely not swimming in them.
He's a big baby. I get it. I'm the one holding him most of the day after all. What I don't need to hear over and over again is:

"He's a monster!"
"He's huge!"
"That's a BIG baby!"
"He sure doesn't miss a meal, does he??"

I can't imagine that the comments are meant to be offensive. He's a baby. A baby with a healthy appetite is a good, good thing. And he is the healthiest eater in our family, by a long shot. I'm pretty sure he eats more vegetables than the three of us combined. That's not what irks me. It's referencing his size as if it's his defining factor. As if that's the thing that makes him special.

You know what makes him special? His smile that could light up a room. His readiness to laugh. His tendency to find anything his brother does highly amusing and entertaining. In fact, all the Boy has to do is walk into the room, and he just beams. His random and plentiful hugs, and the way he's happy just to be near you. His unshakeable curiosity. His ability to move across an entire room without knowing how to walk or crawl, yet never actually moving while you're watching him.

And it bugs me, it really bugs me, when people don't even bother to take the time to see these things. Because they are so very special. As is he.

I see you, Little Guy.


Kyla said...

He is adorable. People in passing just see what they see in an instant, they don't really see the truth of it all.

sam {temptingmama} said...

Well I think he's fabulous! And no matter the size people will have something to say, but I understand how frustrating it can be!


crazymumma said...

He slayed me in Niagara with that smile and that delicious personality.

Well said NoMoEarth.

motherbumper said...

I have the same issue and Gigi's small size - it grates on my nerves - she's more than just a mini-kid and YES I do feed her. Anyhow, as a personal fan of Little Guy, and also mom of the president of his fan club, I will second the motion that his smile LIGHTS UP THE ROOM. It's true. He's got his mom's smile (which now that I've said that, I must go do something naughty to balance out the nice I just spewed).

Mad said...

People just look for something obvious to say. Everyday I hear about Miss M, "wow! She's tall for three!!" I never know whether to take it as an insult to her or to me--as in, "how could a tall, beautiful, blonde child be your daughter!"

Mostly, I take it for what it is: social awkwardness. But, ya, it riles.

Mac and Cheese said...

I didn't notice his size, but I was more than impressed with how well he's doing with that Rubic's Cube!

painted maypole said...

what a great post

Beck said...

As the mother of a baby who was starving nearly to death at that age, I think your boy is the most beautiful thing I've nearly ever seen. Really, really.

kittenpie said...

May I say that during BFF, I was totally swooning over his smile and his delicious gurgles and giggles. He is a total charmer!

And while he may be a *bit* biggish, 23 pounds at 11 months doesn't sound that huge, actually.

bren j. said...

Dude! A rubix cube? He really IS advanced for his age!

I can see the wise-ass comments being really annoying....I think I would get sick of having to roll my eyes so often. As long as he's growing and healthy, sheesh, people, lighten up!

Also, I'm glad he's eating veggies - our LG is a total carb-girl, unfortunately just like me. She's just not in to veggies. Maybe we should try serving them more often.... ;)