Thursday, September 25, 2008

If Life is Art, then I'm No Masterpiece

Why is it that when you have kids, you promise yourself that your life won't change. Well, obviously it WILL change, but you promise yourself that you won't forget who you are. What makes YOU happy. And then all of a sudden you have kids, and you do none of the things that used to make you happy, because you have no time for yourself. And of course being with the kids makes you incredibly happy, but so did those other things you used to do that you no longer have time for.

Is this just my life?

Anyways, I'm over at Playdate today talking about my approach to Art (Art with a capital "A"), and how it can also be an approach to Life. I'm all thinky! It's so unlike me! Go on over and check it out if you like random theories on Art.

Now c'mon. Who doesn't like random theories on Art?

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