Monday, September 15, 2008

PEI Post Mortem: A Few of My Favourite Things

PEI: The Final Wind-Up

This has been mommy-blogging/scrapbooking at it's finest, and I do thank all of you for stopping by and commenting. I feel the need to keep a record of this trip, and since I don't do diaries or scrapbooks, where else can I do it but here? Plus, I actually took a few decent photos. It's a rarity in my world.

My mom had a funny comment when she saw the pictures I downloaded:

"It looks like we had a good time."

What she meant was, it looked like it was sunny and nice the whole time. In actuality, it was windy and rainy for a large portion of our stay. It was probably just the backlash of Hurricane Ike, but if we were to go again, I would probably want to go earlier in the summer. On the other hand, we had the beach almost exclusively to ourselves.

On days that weren't so nice, we hopped back in the car (ug) and went on a trip somewhere fun.

We visited
The Gouda Lady, and found out how cheese was made. The Boy was more interested in trying to pet the sheep and llamas. So we stood at the fence and said "Here sheepy, sheepy, sheepy..." about a thousand times, trying to pry the sheep away from the salt lick. No dice. I nudged the Boy and pointed out a llama biting another llama's bum, and then they started to copulate. (And I thought this was a PG trip.)

We went into Charlottetown on a particularly foreboding day and saw The Biggest Ship Known To Man. Seriously. I thought it was some kind of building, or a fake backdrop at the very least, and then I realized it was real. You can see it in the background.

The Boy was worried the whole day that it was going to make a large honking sound when it set sail and would hurt his ears.

One day, we had to stay inside and the Boy taught the Little Guy to read:

Determined to make the most of our trip, we went to the beach on a day that no sane person would ever go. It was very cold. And windy. And kinda misty. And I have the bad hair to prove it.

That afternoon, the sun was peeking through the clouds, and we decided to go back again. The sun was out! It had to be warmer, right? Plus, we were going a bit stir crazy indoors. The Boy firmly refused to set foot on the beach, though, so he stayed with my parents, and we took the Little Guy down to the beach with us.

The Little Guy was fascinated by the waves. He would stare and stare and stare some more. He must have at least a little bit of me inside him, because I could spend days watching the ocean. I would live by the water, if I could.

That afternoon, possibly elated at having two (!) Parents (!) full (!) attention (!), he was laughing hysterically at everything we did. And Mr Earth and I love a good audience. He spent the majority of our jaunt just screaming with laughter, and eventhough he did, this is the face he pulls for the camera:

(I have the rarely granted permission of Mr Earth to post a photo with him in it. It may not stay up, so best get an eyeful while you can. Isn't he sexy? He thinks he looks terrible in pictures, so please tell him in the comments to stop being so silly.)

AH, now this picture more accurately reflects the mood of the day:

And so ends the tale of PDI...uh, PEI. Was it always fun and games? No. Was it worth it. YES. Would I do it again?



painted maypole said...

i am finally catching up on all three of your PEI posts, and it sounds like a memorable trip all around. I, too, am a deep fan of all things water, and like nothing better than to just sit on a beach and listen to and watch the waves.

And what a joy to get to see both you AND Mr. Earth. All in one post! You have a might fine looking family, all around.

cinnamon gurl said...

You're all gorgeous! Great shots!

daysgoby said...

Mr Earth IS lovely! And a great writer, too...

Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time.

Ali said...

ohmigosh! i love the reading shot. so cute!

womaninawindow said...

Yes, an absolutely gorgeous family. That shot with the boats in the background is the cat's meow. Oh, and what did you expect when one llama was biting another's bum? dude, that's foreplay.

painted maypole said...

forgot to say earlier... is your dad a pastor as well? is it possible that you and I are both actresses AND preacher's kids? it's like we're long lost twins or something!!!!

kittenpie said...

Stop being so silly, Mr. Earth. No, she didn't tell me to say that. Why?

motherbumper said...

You saw llamas getting busy? Damn, they make things spicy Down East, don't they ;)

Now you get why I miss the ocean so much, eh?

Lovely pictures and that Mr. Earth, he's a fun guy, and obviously the little guy agrees.

Mary G said...

Mr E is gorgeous. So are the boys. Re watching the ocean forever -- save a seat next to yours for me. I'll even babysit (getting lots of practice lately)

Kyla said...

Looks like it was lots of fun. I find pictures always make things look a lot more pleasant than reality. People usually don't grab the camera when things are sucky. LOL. Our evacuation photos look positively magical. Haha!