Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Home Alone: The Mr. Earth Chronicles - Day ?? Well I'm back now

Hi All,

Missed me? (Crap forgot the update)

Chores Done Today: 2 (I mowed the lawn - again.. does this count as another chore, screw it, it does. I cleaned the kitty litter (as in completely cleaned it.. ALL the litter out, replaced by new litter...)
Chores Outstanding: 961,532,781,658.95
Number of Steam Cleaners who waaaayyyyyyyyyy overcharged me: 1

Well I'm back and the fam is in a Buick making their way back home trying desperately not to kill each other!

The trip was excellent, I will leave it to my better half to tell you all about it.

So, the steam cleaner is here, and I'm getting a little high from the fumes.. so that's my excuse when this post goes of the rails. Additionally, I'm not sure what smells worse, the fumes from the carpet or the guy doing it.... good times... come on, who wants to come over?? My new strategy is to play show tunes (and sing along) really loud to annoy him... that'll make him do a better job and smell less, yes? Hmmm.. perhaps this isn't the best idea...oh well .. "God Save the People!!" *that was supposed to represent me singing....grrr argh, I don't know how Ms. Earth does this...

Now, I see that some of you (well I think that it was one) would like to hear my fascinating elevator story..

I'm coming back from the 'Bucks and there's this woman on the elevator, and she's checking herself out in the mirror, so I say."Don't worry, you look great!" and she laughs and says, "Well, I gotta look my best", we both laugh and I get off the elevator. Now, later that day I'm taking the elevator down for lunch, and lo and behold, another woman is on the elevator checking herself out. So I (remembering how well it went earlier in the day) come out with "Don't worry, you look great!" and................ it completely dies. She just stands there horrified wishing that I was dead. I think that I completely creeped this poor woman out.. I was only trying to be friendly/ funny ... but there was no recovery from it I just willed the numbers to go faster so I could get off.
(Note: This was one of the only times in my life I left an elevator first - I always try to hold the door for a woman, but, I just wanted to get the hell out of there, chilvary be dammed!)

So... now obviously, not the most fascinating story ever, but certainly it was more interesting than the fact that I went to Starbucks.

I brought my blackberry to PEI (yes, I'm one of those people), and I was able to show Ms. Earth my post, her comment: "Boy, you must really think you're funny"

More later... I feel a nap coming on.. or I may just be passing out from the fumes...


Mac and Cheese said...

Yeah, no talking in elevators. I think it's the same etiquette as strangers side-by-side in public urinals, or so I'm led to believe.

motherbumper said...

It's the fumes and I think the story is funny because nothing beats mortification humour (my favourite kind).

kittenpie said...

You could come here and do chores instead, if you want to avoid the fumes...

the dragonfly said...

I'm so jealous of your naps. I haven't had a nap in several months..

bren j. said...

Good story, but it's true, unless you're one floor from your stop, elevator chat is risky business. I was once on an elevator with my daughter (she was maybe 3 months old) and two older men got on. They spent the rest of the ride arguing about the gender of my baby. "You just never know when they're wearing PINK these days...."

Here's hoping Mama Earth and the Boys remember to take their shoes off when they come inside the door!