Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And on the second day, it all went to sh!t...

Instant replay of my morning (or night...or morning...not sure which):

3am Mr Earth up with Little G
4:50 Mr Earth up with Little G (and, yes, Mr Earth rocks)
5:20 Nomo up with Little G
5:22 Nomo changes large stinky poo
5:25 Nomo puts Little G back to sleep
5:27 Nomo changes small stinky poo
5:30 Nomo sits in chair with Little G till Little G falls back asleep
5:45 Nomo puts Little G back in crib
5:47 Nomo disposes of stinky poos
5:50 Nomo goes back to bed
6:01 Nomo's alarm goes off
6:50 Nomo changes large stinky poo (this time from the Boy)

7:00 Nomo wakes up Little G
7:15 Little G poos again! (Mm, blueberries and sweet potato. I may never eat

So, I had time to get ready without being screamed at, which was really nice. I smell like poo, which is not nice. The house smells like poo, which is even less nice. I did make it to work on time, but just barely. I had to run with the stroller most of the way. (Did I mention that Boy and Little G are in two DIFFERENT daycares?)

I am only now am drinking coffee.

[Side Note: Blogging at work is bad. Very, very bad. Bad, Nomo, Bad! But what a day Nomo had!]


Ms Blue said...

Ah crap. Wishing you less poo and more sleep. (Maybe under your desk?)

Don Mills Diva said...

Hope it gets better. The juggling is a bitch, ain't it?

ewe are here said...

Ugh. We've had more than what I consider to be my fair share of dealing with poo here, too, lately.

Hope tomorrow starts off better...

Mary G said...

Yike! I hope they don't keep that up. May tomorrow be better! And blogging at work is only bad if you get caught, for me.

motherbumper said...

Dat's a lot of poo to be dealing with any day. Side note: very very good nomo, keep me entertained Nomo, I like bad Nomo.

Mac and Cheese said...

When will the shit part of this shit ever end???

Mimi said...

Holy poop! Oh, hon ... I hope you get some sleep tonight.

womaninawindow said...

AT least poop is funny. Right? Poop IS funny, right?

good luck on the next day and night and morning and poop!

painted maypole said...


let us know how work is going otherwise. ;)

bren j. said...

Good grief! That's just your MORNING! I sure hope the day got better...and significantly less poop-filled.

kgirl said...

what's with the early morning shits? mine always have them too. can't they just wait an hour or two until it's someone else's problem ;)

Katie Valentine said...

heee. Maybe less blueberries??? And yeah. What's with the right before their jackets go on poo? The making me late AGAIN poo?


Welcome back to the world of work.

Kyla said...

Oh man. This brought back many memories of my working days. Yeesh.

Hope tomorrow is better!