Thursday, November 06, 2008

And so it begins..

I was walking the boys home in the stroller, and in between neighbouring pumpkins, ghosties and ghoulies, one lone house was stripped of Hallowe'en. In its stead was the merry twinkling of Christmas lights. It had the effect of simultaneously making the undead outdated and also making itself seem rather too precipitous.

Similarly, I was in a store earlier day getting more supplies for the handmade invitations that should have gone out last week for the bridal shower I'm hosting. The wedding is on New Year's Eve. I'm sure I will have NO PROBLEM finding a babysitter. Yeeaaahh. Anyways, as I was paying the exhorbitant amount of money they charged for sturdy cardstock, I recognized one of the tunes playing in the background as a Christmas carol. Here's how the ensuing conversation played out:

Inside Voice: "Freaks. It's barely November."
Outside Voice: "Omigoodness! That's a Christmas carol! Wow! Already. I wasn't prepared for that."

Shopkeeper: "Oh, it's just one of the songs on a mixed CD we have. We play that all the time."

Inside Voice: "Yeah right. Do you play that mixed CD that just happens to have a Christmas carol on it in the middle of July? Boo-yah!"
Outside Voice: "Huh."

See how interesting my life is?

Oh, and if you're already planning your holiday shopping, or - god forbid - are actually so organized that you're already shopping for the holidays (damn you and your crafty organizational skills!), then be sure to check out my latest post at Playdate. I have a recommendation for the awesomenest TV on DVD boxed set that not many people have heard about. If you like to laugh, then this show should be at the top of your list.

Don't tell me you don't like to laugh. Go. Read.


womaninawindow said...

ugh, deflating isn't it, this premature holidization? I work retail and i was forced to bedeck two weeks ago. Then I had to (pretend) defend our decorating. It's all very humiliating, really. Excuse me now, gotta go and sell silver bells.

Mary G said...

I had a mad moment when taking down the Hallowe'en stuff where I contemplated putting up the Christmas wreath. Luckily I recovered quickly enough to stop myself. I will wait until the winter winds are howling and my fingers turn blue and then I will put it up.
I love the comment above. 'premature holidization' rocks!

Mac and Cheese said...

Who throws a wedding on New Years Eve????

daysgoby said...

I was driving to town yesterday and heard FIVE commercials about Christmas shopping on the radio.

What are these people THINKING?

I need more time before I panic that none of the holiday crappe is done!

Mimi said...

We're in our yearly November bunker over here: we dont' go out to the stores between Halloween and November 20, if we can help it, because I don't want to burn out on Xmas before it even really starts, you know?

the dragonfly said...

My rule is that Christmas decorating isn't allowed until after (American) Thanksgiving. EVER. Usually not until December. :)

bren j. said...

What I don't get is why American Thanksgiving hasn't even passed and the store is full of Christmas gunk. Not that I dislike that per se, but it just seems so soon. We did some of our Christmas shopping when we hit an outlet store sale on Labour Day weekend. Our available Christmas funds have pretty much dried up though and there's still at least half the list to go.