Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Day More

Wow, this week has been rough. If you're wondering why I've not been around more when I'm finally back in front of the computer most of the day, it's because I can barely keep my eyes open.

The Little Guy has decided that sleep is for the birds, and he's just going to forego naps and bedtimes in favour of staying awake and screaming. He screams on the way home from daycare, too. He wants to be held, and I just can't push the stroller and carry him at the same time. Not for that distance, and not with the Boy in the stroller. He also screams and crawls away when I try to clothe or diaper him (But that's old hat around here. You'd think I was torturing him, instead of trying to put on a onesie.)

The Little Guy now spends his days with a local mom and her two kids. She's studying to be a nutrionist, so she's a very good match for our second son, whom we fondly call "The Mouth". He'll eat almost anything. He does seem to like it there, though. In fact, the only time he's not screaming lately is when I drop him off in her arms in the morning. (I'm a little insulted, actually. The only time I expect him to scream and he turns mute and just watches me leave.)

The other day, Mr Earth was blowing raspberries on the Little Guy's tummy before bathtime and the Little Guy was chuckling away to himself, and I felt so lighthearted. I realized that it had been quite some time since I'd heard that sound. That made me a little sad. Okay, a lot sad.

On the plus side, I don't look as sloptastic as I usually do. Every few years, I go through this metamorphosis in the grooming department where I decide Everything! Must! Go! and this time around it happened to coincide with my going back to work. I've decided that if I'm going to work in an office, I should look like I work in an office, not like some student fresh out of university who cobbles together a sad little outfit that is woefully unacceptable. I've tried to apply the rules from my favourite show What Not to Wear. (I always laugh at the people who complain about having to shop on the show, but it IS actually very tiring! I should stop laughing). I've written about my new rules for what not to wear at the office when you're a mother newly back to work over at Playdate. Go have a read. Laugh at my blighted fashion attempts. Give me some wardrobe advice. I obviously need it..

Must sleep now. So very tired. And so very glad tomorrow is Friday.


cinnamon gurl said...

Sorry your week has been so hard. Things will get better - I hope it's really, really soon.

As for your wardrobe good for you. I've tried that now and again, but I always slip back to the student look. The bottom line is I don't like spending time on my appearance, even if it means people don't take me seriously.

motherbumper said...

I'm sorry that you are a lot sad but high five on losing the sloptastic (not that you ever were sloppy).

Anonymous said...

kids often cry at pick-up but not drop-off. they feel safest with their parents and so let the emotions flow.

Kyla said...

I'm so sorry it has been a rough week. Here's hoping week two is better!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

womaninawindow said...

It will get easier for all of you. Everyone will settle into their new roles and there will be lots more raspberries AND laughter. Hope this weekend's good to you.

kgirl said...

this is a lot tougher than the first time around, and i am a lot more tired. and you totally described my back-to-work wardrobe freak out, only post freak out I am still just cobbling together outfits out of sad, boring pieces.

crazymumma said...

why oh why can't it be the fifities and we could feed tham a bit of whiskey to knock them out.

Hell girl, I should come visit you as you are just across the park.