Saturday, November 08, 2008

At Sixes and Sevens With You

Kyla tagged me for a meme. [At least, I think she did. The post was in my Google Reader, but it doesn't exist when I actually go to her site. This is the second time this has happened to me with a blog today. Am I the only one? Am I reading phantom posts? It's weird. Anyways.]

Technically, I think she only [phantom] tagged me for the 7 Random Facts about myself or my kiddo meme, but since she was simultaneously doing the 6th picture from your 6th folder meme, I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon too. Cause, really, who doesn't like pictures? I mean, really-? So here goes:

Strictly speaking, this is not the sixth picture of the sixth folder. It is actually the seventh. BUT, one of the pictures before this is a cropped version of the picture before it, so I discounted that one, making this one essentially the sixth. (Also the TECHNICAL sixth picture includes me coming home from the hospital with no makeup and no sleep for four days. Not pretty. I'm all about sharing, but NO ONE needs to see that..) Part of the meme is to tell the events surrounding the picture, if you can remember them. This one is simple. WE JUST HAD A BABY. Look how cute and small the Boy was! Mean parents that we are/were, we unswaddled him in the hospital so that we could get a picture of his tininess in all its miniscule glory. The Boy was NOT impressed (see above).

Since we're on the subject of the Boy, let's do 7 Random Things about The Boy:

1. He does not like vegetables very much. It's a struggle to get him to eat them. And those people who think I should just "hide" them in his food? IT DOES NOT WORK. He is on to me, and he is not impressed.

2. He can trip on flat ground with no obstacles.

3. He heard the word *sizzlin'* on Yo Gabba Gabba the other day, and he thinks it's the funniest word. Ever.

4. He thinks all presents are for him to open, no matter to whom they actually belong. Birthday parties for other people can be stressful.

5. Every morning he greets his brother with a huge smile. (And the Little Guy thinks he walks on water.)

6. He is very sensitive. Maybe a bit over-sensitive. And I love him all the more for it. Better that than a bully.

7. Thanks to our trip to PEI, he loves loves loves restaurants and hotels. I think we've created a monster.

I'm going to [phantom] tag Kgirl, Mad, Bren J., Mimi and Painted Maypole. Do you want to play a game? (Bonus points for anyone who still gets that reference. I've been watching too much Spaced. Must. Do. Pop-culture. References. Send. Help.)


ewe are here said...

I, too, was tagged by the phantom post.

Phantom posts always amuse me... sometimes google reader grabs them soooo quickly, before people have had time to reconsider and delete or throw their post back into draft format.

Mary G said...

What a sweetie -- he doesn't look all that small, though. And a cool meme. I am going to see what my six/six is.

Kyla said...

I did tag you! I had set that one up to auto-post and then forgotten about it. LOL. I had something else to post yesterday so I popped it back to draft form. I'll post it this morning so we all don't look too crazy. ;)

the dragonfly said...

Wow, so little!

I too trip on flat ground with no obstacles. And also on lines painted in parking lots.


MaryP said...

Aw, teeny red newborn. My grandmother used to say, "They all look like boiled beets at first." She wasn't a sentimental woman, my gran. Yours is an adorable boiled beet, of course.

"Sizzlin'" is pretty cute. One of my daycare tots was making her fellow toddlers scream with delight by declaiming, "Awwww, sheeeeeeeit!"

Which made Mary decided that it was time to turn on some music and dance. Right now!

womaninawindow said...

That boy is about as big as my hand. What a sweet little boy you've got. Put 'em in ye pocket.

Mimi said...

Woo! It's on, Nomo! That'll be my tomorrow post. Thank god: Nablopomo is hard. My life just ain't that full of material ...

(I love the sense of personality we get of the kids from this one ...)

Mimi said...

And, dude, you're my quote buddy: Don't you know I wrote a whole academic paper on WARGAMES!!! Oh, oh, yes, I did.

Edward Albee and Matthew Broderick. I know all the quotations from A to B.

painted maypole said...

oooh. a tag. good for uninspired me. I'll give it a shot.

and now I will be singing Don't Cry for Me Argentina...thankyouverymuch

motherbumper said...

Don't worry - disappearing posts happen to me all the time in bloglines :)

The Boy looks like he's saying "No photos - I SAID NO PHOTOS!". And I love all seven points about the boy, especially #3, #4, #5, and bless him: #6. And 1,2, and 7 make him just that more loveable.

Beck said...

He was EENSY! Look at your hand next to him! Of course, he's all grown up, now.

Mac and Cheese said...

...and I bet you now hate restaurants and hotels.

slouching mom said...

Better that than a bully.

You are so very right.

kgirl said...

That gorgeous, tiny baby just made my ovaries flip flop. Were they really that small?!

Ok then, I'm in. No pictures here at work yet, so I'll have to wait until I'm home - hmmm, or maybe I'll just pull one from my Facebook page.

Mad said...

ACK! A meme! This might be just the tonic for getting over my looooong-winded self. Give me a few days and I am on it.

Also. The boy? So wee. And so red. He looks like he's sizzlin'.

bren j. said...

Cute picture! I'm so behind so I obviously haven't blogged the meme yet, but I'll try to get to it maybe tomorrow. Thanks for the tag. I feel special now. :)