Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mm, Mm, My baby's got a secret.

Big C just told me that I was getting fat. "Why is your stomach so funny-looking? It's getting bigger! HA, HA!!" Happy Thursday morning to you too, buddy! Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Oh, and while we're at it, the weather can kiss my a$$ too. It better be awfully nice this weekend, or there's going to be some 'H' to pay. I am going to kick some serious weather butt.

If you want some lighter, happier secrets, come on over to Playdate today. I got a couple of good ones.


Mad said...

Of course your belly is big to a 4-yr-old. Theirs can be fit into the palm of one hand.

It's supposed to be sunny and mid-20s out here by the weekend which is good b/c we just had a 3 day deluge of biblical proportions.

bren j. said...

Ouch. Tell him you just ate all the cookies in the house and now there's none left for him!

Or not.

We've had three days straight of rain and I'm ready to have some sunshine again even IF it's been almost 13C outside. Come on, sun!

Mimi said...

Not even kicky rain boots can possibly compensate for any more rain. Seriously, I'm ALL DONE with rain.

Kids are mean. Even when they are our own kids. Especially when they are our own kids.