Thursday, April 09, 2009

With Me, It's All 'Er Nothin'

I'm having such a hard time blogging lately. I have ideas, snippets of funny things that make me laugh, but they never develop into full-fledged posts. The problem is, I'm a little bit obsessive. When I do things, I tend to do them 100%. Which can be a good trait. And can also be a very bad one. It means I can be very focused and determined. But it also means other things fall by the wayside. Not only that, I have a terrible habit of being distracted by Pretty! Shiny! New! And then whatever I was spending all my time and energy on gets dropped suddenly for something temporarily more interesting.

For the past few weeks, it has been a return to reading. I've developed a voracious interest in the written word. Not from the computer, of course, that's anathema to me right now. It must be a book. Books with pretty covers, and fragile pages. Books about anything and everything. But no books with movie tie-in covers. (Those are just plain wrong.) When I find a book a really like, I make time in my day to read it. Any spare second I get. And I don't have a lot of spare seconds these days. Watching two kids all day is time-consuming! You have to do stuff! And answer questions! And feed them! It's all too too exhausting.

Anyways... time that could be spent blogging, or reading blogs, is spent reading books. I can't stop. Which is a roundabout way to say sorry that I haven't been around more. I want to be. I do! And now I feel like a terrible person who can't be bothered to respond to an email. (It's so easy! Just type a few words! It doesn't take long! Even if all you say is you're too busy to write right now!....Okay, clearly I have issues on this subject. Moving on.) I find I have, at most, one post a week in me these days, and for the past few weeks, that time has been spent ranting about Storytime at Chapters, dishing the latest on House or casting books in my head. And we're back to books again. I'm nothing if not obsessed.

I did find an awesome t-shirt online though, it read:

spelt alphabetically -
the way it should be.

Nope. I'm not obsessive. Not me. (I want to buy it.)

The weather has been sucky-ass sucky this week, but it finally cleared up and the boys and I had a playdate today with the Katie and Gigi. Outside! In the sunshine! For the whole morning! After the forced confinement of this winter, I'm not entirely sure it wasn't just a lovely dream. Gigi and Big C got along famously. The shared mini-Ritz crackers and talked about dogs. Gigi apparently gave Big C her phone number, but he can't remember it. Typical male. But he did tell me that if we want to visit her, we have to look for a building with a "J" and and "A" on it. Yeah. Way to be specific, Big C. I'll stick to Mapquest....

Wouldn't you give this boy your phone number?? All you have to do to win his heart is say the words "Oompa Loompa". Apparently, that's the funniest thing, evah.

Aren't you dying to have a playdate with us? We're a barrel of laughs.

Clearly, fresh air is not good for you. It's very tiring.

How are you doing? Tell me something good.


Bea said...

Got any book reco's? I'm just finishing The Gargoyle so I'll be looking for something new to read.

daysgoby said...

Your boys are yummy.

bren j. said...

Yes, feeding them....*sigh*

That shirt is great, you SHOULD get it.

Too bad you're too far away for a playdate. Glad you had a fun one though!

Mary G said...

Gorgeous little guys!
I need a playdate too for me. Either that or a book recommendation.
Sun, where are you?

painted maypole said...

i'm having the blogging ennui as well. and i'm resisting the "it's been 3 days," urges

in my very little free time these days I've been obsessed with watching Slings and Arrows on DVD. Have you seen this? (it's canadian!) fantastic!

and on the good side. proof rehearsals are going well, now that we have a Hal. He's totally green, but doing a pretty good job. I've worked with "professionals" who weren't as good.

Woman in a Window said...

HA! I feel like that last shot today. Fresh air and the weather wasn't even too sucky! Just kinda. Cool. But sunny, almost spring. Read on, thems books is good fer yer brain!

motherbumper said...

AGAIN AGAIN - that's what Gigi keeps yelling at the screen. And my heart exploded when they had their away from us time, I think G probably did give him her number. (And I agree "again, again!")

Mimi said...

Oooh, I wish we could go on a playdate!

Reading: remember, I just sucked back all four Twilight books (one with a movie tie-in cover!) in the last week of teaching. Which was dumb. And now I've sucked back three (and counting!) Inspector Rebus novels. Crap. I'm looooossssing sleeeeeep, dude. It's gotta stop. I'm hooked.

So yeah, I get it :-)

The good news is ... everyone's got chocolate in the house, right?

Kyla said...

I've been the same with blogging. I think it is completely excusable. I'd love to have a playdate with you guys!

Mad said...

Let's see, I check my reader about twice a week now. That's plenty I reckon given that I'm writing only about once a week. Books, they be good too. Am working my way through a back-log of YA that I should've read for work a long time ago.

kgirl said...

I'm barely writing lately, too. winter burnout, y'know. Barely check my readers also. Don't really care.

(except about you.)

kgirl said...

shit - you said 'tell me something good.'

ummmm - I made a sour cream coffee cake last night.

Anonymous said...

i want that t-shirt.