Monday, January 01, 2007

Holiday Wrap-Up

I thought it was appropriate on this, my last official day of holidays before going back to work in the morning, to take stock of the holidays. Also, I left the camera at Nana's house on Christmas day, so this was the first chance I got to post gratuitous photos. The Boy obliged me be almost never looking directly at the camera, so I don't have to break my rule. Here's the post mortem, as I see it...

SCHEDULE: Far too hectic. We did the usual Christmas Eve at Granny and Grandpa's, Christmas Day at Nana and Papa's and Boxing Day at Nanny and Zaida's. It works for me because I never have to cook, clean or stress about entertaining. For an actor, I can be a terrible wallflower. The Boy was overwhelmed by the hullabaloo and had some difficulty coping. We had a couple days with nothing planned, and it was really nice to putter around aimlessly. Good times.

MELTDOWNS: More than I can count on one hand. As above, the craziness of Christmas and New Year's was more than The Boy could handle and we had some terrible screaming fits due mostly to overtired, overstimulated toddlermania. The Boy has also taken to whining lately, probably because he wasn't feeling well. Bad times.

SICKNESS: Surprisingly, we all made it through the major days as a well unit. I was starting to feel something coming on Christmas morning, but I downed some Cold FX and it went away. I love me the Cold FX! The Boy, unfortunately got sick on the 28th, and we had to cancel some post-Xmas celebrations and lay low. Okay times.

GIFTS: Far too many, as we are blessed with generous relatives. The Boy seemed to like all of his presents. The expensive trike, not so much, but I think that he will grow into it by summer. The 99 cent stickers, the $2.99 crayons, and the $6.99 hockey stick and ball - they were big hits. Oh well, lesson learned. And I love the trike! Good times.

NEW YEAR'S: Adult time. Good movie (Dream Girls), great wine (Brunello), and even better sex. VERY Good times. Thank you Mr Earth!

RESOLUTIONS: None. I don't do New Year's resolutions, I generally prefer to do them in September. On that front, things are progressing nicely. Good times to be...

Here's to 2007!

They said "don't touch", but surely they don't mean me...?

Crayons, Shmayons! These things stack!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW! (Actual quote from The Boy upon receiving firetruck.)

I don't know what this is supposed to be, but it sure makes a good noise!


Beck said...

Glad to hear your Christmas/holiday season was so much fun! We'll have to start our Grim Diets again this week, eh?

Suzanne said...

This sounds like a terrific holiday! I also like going to other people's houses for the same reason -- very little hosting for me! Love the photos.

Kyla said...

Sounds like you had a successful holiday season! The Boy is adorable!!

Mad Hatter said...

Oh so cute and just look at his ability to concentrate on everything. Are you sure he's a toddler?

ewe are here said...

Sounds like a great holiday.
And 'wow' to the firetruck, too! Very cute toy. And Boy. ;-)

metro mama said...

Happy New Year! What a great fire truck.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

That fire truck is AWESOME!!! Where did it come from? The Happy Boy LOVES fire trucks, and I love wooden toys. Do tell, please!