Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's A...


We had our second trimester ultrasound today, and my flair for the dramatic finally won out over my seething curiosity, and we didn't find out the gender. When the doctor asked us if we wanted to know, I simply asked him to confirm that the baby was, in fact, one sex or the other. 'Cause if it's both sexes at the same time, or a third sex entirely, then I would definitely want to know. He chuckled a bit, but I don't think that he fully appreciated the brilliant wit. This is comedy gold, man!

Mr Earth remains convinced that the baby is a boy. He is certain that he saw a penis, and was very proud to see the relative size of said penis. He is ecstatic that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He would not be put off by my pointing out that this was the umbilical cord. Dream on, my love, dream on. We got some excellent shots of the baby's face - he/she looks like Skeletor. I kid you not. But then, I think that most ultrasound shots make the baby look like an alien, so maybe this is a step up...? At least Skeletor might have been human once.

The only dissonant note in an otherwise exciting moment, is that my doctor had written on the request form that I see a particular doctor at the lab. I didn't really think anything at the time - I assumed that the doctor was someone she knew, or simply favoured. When the technician started the exam he asked me why this doctor was requested. I had no idea. Turns out, this doctor is a specialist in fetal abnormalities. The technician asked if I had a history of problems, and what happened with the first pregnancy, and I assured him that all was fine. We couldn't figure out why she had requested that I see him. Of course, now my heart is racing and I'm having trouble breathing properly. Surely if she thought that there might be a problem, she is obliged to inform us - ? Maybe she didn't want me to worry?? (Like I am now.)

The maddening thing is that the technician and doctor are not allowed to discuss the results of the ultrasound. I have to wait until I see my doctor on the 19th. The ultrasound doctor said that it looks like a "nice pregnancy", whatever that means. At least that sounds positive. I would hate for it to be a "mean pregnancy". (Is mean technically the opposite of nice? Hmm. Yes, these are the things I think about..)

The only reason I think it's a boy is that we have two lovely girl names all ready to go, and for the life of us, we cannot agree on a single boy's name. Not. One. Other than The Boy's name, of course. But you can see how giving two boys the same name might be a problem. Nymbler is no help. It keeps suggesting names like Crispin, Dobbin or Theron. No thanks. So if you have any suggestions, throw 'em at us. Here are the rules:

  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to spell (nothing kreative)
  • Well known, but rarely used
  • No names that are used for both boys and girls
  • Preferably of English origin (Irish, Scottish included)

Know any boy names that fit all that criteria? That's why we're having trouble.


NotSoSage said...

Boy names are waaayyyy harder than girl names, I've found. I'd suggest some, but I've been trying to convince Joe that if we have a boy (eventually, don't get excited), we name him Crispin, so I don't think you'd like any of my suggestions (love Crispin, LOVE it).

I wouldn't worry about the referral. I'm sure it's nothing. And I *hate* the secrecy around all of it - that the people at the lab can't say anything - but, honestly, I think they understand and so they try to say things like "nice pregnancy" as a sort of code.

Welcome to blogland, Skeletor! heheh.

crazymumma said...

The technicians know just as much as the doctors in my opinion and if she said it was fine then it is. The tell here is that if there was anything remotely wrong, she would not have said anything. At all.

bubandpie said...

Our sons have the same name, right? You could always borrow my unused boy-name: Wesley (as in Wyndham-Price - I can't remember if you're an Angel fan or not). But you guys are SO having a girl.

Shouldn't ALL ultrasound techs be experts in fetal abnormalities? I mean, that's what the ultrasound is FOR. I think your doc just wanted you to get the best.

ewe are here said...

Boys names are hard! As everyone knows, it took us ages to come up with Baby Boo's name (my May 15th and 16th posts 'tell' you my boys' names).

In addition to the two names we've used, a few other boys' names that I like:

Greyson (a more common alternative name to Baby Boo's name)

metro mama said...

"Nice"? Odd choice of words. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for the choice of technician.

I've always liked James for a boy, but I'll never be able to use it as McHotty has decreed no more J's in the family.

Beck said...

Although I don't normally recommend people name their kids the same thing I named MY kid, I'll relax a bit and suggest My Boy's name for you. It's an excellent, solid little man's name.

Beck said...

Although in reflection, it doesn't go well with what I just remembered is your first-born's name. So maybe Jasper, which is what we were going to name The Girl.

cinnamon gurl said...

Since I started watching Lost this summer, I have discovered I LOVE the name Desmond. Love it. (Except Sugar D has vetoed it for any sons of his.)

I've always loved Simon and Oliver too. Oooh, this is so fun!

(Oh, and I'm quite certain that a tech wouldn't say it was nice if something was wrong. I've notice people in the health care profession know who's good, and your doc probably just wanted you to have the best.)

kgirl said...

oh why did they do that to you? why? why? you know there won't be anything wrong, or you'd be seeing a doctor a whole lot sooner. try not to get to worked up about it (ha!).

As for names, well, since we know we're having a girl, I'll offer up my boy's name. However, considering your blog moniker, and the fact that I'm a hippie, it might not fit.


You're welcome.

Mimi said...

I can't believe you call the baby Skeletor. That was a nickname we used after the 18 week ultrasound: really, they shouldn't print you out a photo of the full-on face shot, because baby does look like Skeletor.

By the power of Grayskull!

I'm with Sage: nice pregnancy's gotta be code.

Jasper was the name we picked for a boy ... until we realized it RHYMED with Pynchon's last name. It sounded all singsongy and just like the Swedish chef on the Muppet Show, and I was heartbroken to have to give it up. But then we had a girl (phew!).

So I suggest 'Jasper'. You can call him 'Jazz' for short. Very swish, but also solid, you know?

kittenpie said...

I'm sure she just wanted to make sure you had someone who was more likely to spot anything that might be off.

I got very late ultrasounds of Pumpkinpie, like 35 weeks, or so, and her face looked lovely except for the horro-movie black gaping holes where her eyes would be. Ack! I think the tissue may just be too soft there to bounce back the waves right. Still. Brrr.

Gabriella said...

I wouldn't worry bout the ultrasound, sometimes dr's and techs forget that they're talking to a real person with feelings and worries, I'm sure nothing's wrong.
As for boy's name, we had such a tough time and in the end we had a girl, our two boy's names were;

Mary G said...

I like Jasper. I really do. He turned out to be wonderful in the Secret Garden.
I also like William and Ian and Henry. Depends somewhat on the last name. And I just read a whole article on what names are popular and I have forgotten all the boys' names, being far more interested in girls'.
Two of my great uncles were named Lionel and Elmar. The Romans had a nice system too. He would be Secundus.
Alright, I'm shutting up. Ouch.

painted maypole said...

So glad to see you're back. Dying to hear about NYC.

My hubby and I could not agree on a boy's name either, so were thrilled to discover we were having a girl and could stop fighting about it altogether. I always liked Andrew, but it went horribly with our last name, and is the name of an ex-boyfriend, so nix on that one for us. Hubby wanted James, but I don't care for "jim," although a friend did point out that I could sing "Sweet Baby James" all the time, and that was a bit of a selling point.

Christine said...

Hey there! i am sure the baby is fine, but I am a worrier, too, so i know how you feel.

Why are docs so secretive sometimes?

No name suggestions but I'll think on it. . .

mayberry said...

Theron? Oh, my... I agree that boy names are harded. I like George quite a lot, and Oliver, and Julian. They all have a Brit kind of vibe. I don't know your son's name though.

mcewen said...

Blimey - that's not the kind of suprise that you really want!
Best wishes and fingers crossed until the 19th

Bon said...

dear little Skeletor is just gorgeous, i'm sure.

and "nice" pregnancy? as opposed to "nasty bugger" pregnancy, perhaps...i'm sure that was what she was trying to rule out. i hate the fact that techs aren't allowed to tell you anything.

as for names, i agree, boys are hard. we've done it twice, with a criterion list rather identical to your own, and come up with Finn and Oscar. others on our shortlist were Leo, Hugh and Hugo, Magnus, and Milo. the suggestions of Wesley, Jasper, and Duncan are all very nice, too, in my terribly humble opinion...which i will now take back to minding its own business, because, really, i'm a little batty about names and could spend the next four months offering up new suggestions. and i'm foaming at the mouth to know your girl names....

how many more months do i have to wait?!?

Mad Hatter said...

Just saw bon's recommendation of Duncan. Here's an idea: with both you and your husband being theatre types, you should call your son "Macbeth". It would freak all your colleagues out every single time you brought him to rehearsal.

Seriously, I like Owen but it is getting used a lot lately. My friend named her son Henry. I flinched when I first heard it but it is starting to grow on me. I'm also a fan of Frederick. Weird, I know.

As for the ultrasound, if something was wrong the ultrasound would have 1) taken forever 2) the technician would've had a grave look on her/his face and 3) your doctor's appt would've been bumped forward. All is fine, I am sure.

MotherBumper said...

oh boy, do I have u/s stories but I digress... and I'm with you on the cuteness of skeletor - that's what B looked like on her u/s.

Anyhoo - boy names: Giles, Nigel, Dennis, Mordecai. Yes, in case you are wondering - no one agrees with me on names.

jen said...

well, with those guidelines, I'd go with Jack.

Jack is an awesome name.

Kyla said...

I like Declan (as Ewe suggested).

And for us? Boy names are a BREEZE. Girl names are killer. KayTar almost didn't get a name.

When I was pregnant with KayTar we got a video of the ultrasound to take home and BubTar used to always ask to watch "Scary baby monster". I guess they is what they look like...scary little skeleton monsters. *lol*

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Funny - we thought of lots of girls names, but couldn't agree on any of them.

We had no problem agreeing on boys names.

Luckily, I guess, we have 2 boys.

As for names fitting with your criteria...


Her Bad Mother said...

Dude, posts like this just BEG me to suggest things like Medea and Atlas and Lucretia and Shadrach.