Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Report Card #2

It's that time again at daycare...report cards. I still can't get over the fact that the Boy is not in school, and yet he is getting report cards. Oops..."Child Development Review", that is. I do love hearing about how others view the Boy, since my opinion is rather biased. I've added my comments below each section:

Language Development
[The Boy] expresses himself in a very clear and polite manner. He is able to answer any question a teacher may have for him and uses please and thank you. He is a very talkative child. He enjoys listening to stories within a small group. One of his favourite storybooks is "Elmo's Adventure". He also enjoys getting involved with our music teacher RJ. His enthusiasm is shown through singing and dancing.

Wow..polite? Really?? Apparently what happens at daycare stays in daycare. We've nattered on about "please" and "thank you" for months, and the best we get is a rather reluctant parroting of the prompted phrase. No, wait! I think he has said "please" umprompted a couple times when he wanted more crackers. I think I'm going to get a t-shirt made for him that says:

"I am addicted to crack(ers)."

Other than that? Talkative, yes. Singing, yes. "Elmo's Adventure"? Never heard of it. Apparently I'm going to Chapters on my lunch tomorrow.

Cognitive Development
[The Boy] can recognize almost all colours. He can recite the alphabet and count from 1 to 15. He is always eager to learn new concepts, and shows it at circle time when books are being read to him. If interested, [the Boy] can attend to an activity for up to twenty minutes. Example: Building large towers with lego, playing with little animals, or using the marble tower.

Now, I would say he knows all his colours. Okay, I haven't taught him to differentiate between maroon, violet, and grape - I just put them under the heading "purple". Cut him some slack here, he's 2.5! I've never heard him count into the teens, though. I love the turn of phrase "If interested the Boy can attend to an activity.." Well, sure. If I'm interested, I can do things for long periods of time too. If I'm not, I just cut bait and run. Why should I expect differently from the Boy? Life is short.

Motor Development (Fine/Gross)
[The Boy] is able to use crayons, brushes and chalk during creative activities and enjoys playing with PlayDoh. Gluing and painting have become his favourite activities. Whether he is using the slide or playing in the sandbox with the shovels and pails, he really enjoys himself in the playground.

Okay, now I'm a really lousy parent. All we have at home is a sad chalk board and some sadder PlayDoh in four colours. I could be thwarting an artistic genius! Maybe I should be getting some art supplies instead of another Elmo book? I'm so negligent.

I think they glossed over the gross motor skills, though. While the Boy is really good at fine motor skills and talking, we've noticed that he is behind in the gross motor skills area. He can fall off the bottom step of the stairs, and has to be watched and helped when climbing playground equipment. He shows no real interest in riding his bike (although that could be because he has developed an aversion to his helmet). He has shown improvement since the ear tubes were put in, though, and we're trying to encourage him to get up and move as much as possible.

Food Consumption/Sleeping Behaviours
[The Boy] eats very well during lunch and snack times and usually asks for seconds. During naptime he sleeps on his own and sleeps for approximately one hour.

Ha! Notice they didn't say what he has seconds of..? If it's crackers, cheese or pasta - or really anything in the bread family - you can't get the Boy to stop eating. Vegetables, though? Apparently that will happen over my dead body.

Social Interaction (peers/adults)
[The Boy] is a very sociable and friendly child who enjoys small groups rather than large ones. He may be a little shy but he really enjoys interacting with all the teachers.

I have noticed this. He seems to do especially well on playdates with one or two kids. He held hands with Cakes! He ran around the zoo with Mme Labrune! He's even been known to share a toy or two. But at things like Sportball or the free Gymboree class we went to once, he backs off as if he's overwhelmed.

Inappropriate Behaviours to Monitor (if applicable)
Not applicable.

Huh. That's interesting. How about crocodile tears and full out Cry-abanas whenever he doesn't get his way? How about constantly voicing the opinion that he would rather be with the parent who is NOT at home? How about losing it when we try to make him wash his hands?? Maybe those are not considered inappropriate, but they are no fun.

Additional Comments
[The Boy] is a very independent child who tries really hard to master tasks on his own. He is always ready to get involved with everything that is presented to him. It is a pleasure to have him in our room. Good Job, [The Boy]!

...So, here's my question: Would this kind of report ever have negative stuff included? Other than the obvious problems like biting, kicking or incessant crying, that is? When I read the report, I was very proud and pleased, but then Mr Earth and I both wondered if they'd ever state what they really thought about a child, or whether they'd try to put a positive spin on everything. I can't really see sending a toddler home with a negative report... How awful! Should I be reading into this more? Are there things in here that are Teacher-speak??

Wow, I'm neurotic! What do you think? (Um, what do you think about the question stated above...NOT about whether or not I'm neurotic. I know that I am - thank you very much.)


jen said...

how are we to be anything BUT neurotic when our babies get a report card.

i mean, whoa. he's brilliant, by the way.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Teacher speak...

He is a very talkative child.

[He talks a lot, and sometimes we have difficulty getting him to listen]

If interested...

[If not interested, The Boy will be off wandering in other parts of the room.]

Heh heh. Just kidding! Great report card!

kgirl said...

Sounds like a genius to me!

metro mama said...

I don't know if they would include the negative. Ask them!

Love your new banner.

Kyla said...

I'm still in awe that they give a report card at this age level. I think that if they had any concerns, they would definitely list them...otherwise, at this age it really is all sunshine and roses!

NotSoSage said...

Cry-abana. Heheh.

We talked about this the other day because it took us goading the childcare workers over and over again for them to admit that Mme L was bossy. They instead noted that "she is very good with the younger children and reminds them to be safe and polite" or something like that. The thing is, parents KNOW. They know, or they want to know, so just be honest.

bren j. said...

I have no clue about an answer to your question, I'm still trying to get past a 'report card' in preschool!!!

Mad Hatter said...

I love these report cards and your added commentary. They always make me laugh out loud.

BTW, I think we have the EXACT same child. I could have been reading a report card of Miss M here.

Language? yup

Enthusiasm shown through singing and dancing? YUP!

Cognitive development? yup (especially your editorial)

Good fine motor but often unreliable gross motor? Yup and yup. I thought I was the only mom out there helping my 2.5 year-old on the playground equipment.

Social interaction? Uh, well, the boy seems right civilized compared with Miss M but the issues are the same. Large groups freak her out. One-on-one can be OK.

Pasta consumption? OOOHHHHHH YAAAAA.

All in all, it looks as if The Boy and Miss M will get along famously some day when they share the stage in a production of Godspell.

Lisa b said...

Yeah I think the same thing but have to admit if a kid has problems I make sure the parent knows. There is a nice way of putting things but seriously you should just be proud its a great report!

Mimi said...

He does sound like a genius. :-)

kittenpie said...

As someone who has helped write kindergarten report cards over the past year, I'll tell you what the case was for in school. Modifiers are used to indicate how much or little a child is diong and understanding.

ie. The boy is familiar with all/some/few/no colours.

The boy easily/is able to/with difficulty uses scissors.

That sort of thing. Sounds fine to me!

Beck said...

Hehehe. Baby report cards.
I think that there are SOME behaviours that could go into the Red Alert Catergory - inappropriate aggression, extreme fearful behaviours, that sort of thing.
You ever try making up a batch of vanilla pudding and then putting a bit of food colouring in it and letting him "fingerpaint" in his highchair? Messy but fun!

LoryKC said...

Wow! Clearly, he's brilliant. I never had report cards this early on!
(My kids did not go to preschool until they were potty-trained...which they were in no hurry to do!)

Great site! Came over by way of Mary P's but I will be back!
Congrats on the new baby, too! I'm just a couple of weeks ahead of you with baby #3!

LoryKC said...

(Went and borrowed your pregnancy ticker, too---how cute!!)

motherbumper said...

Again, I'm totally blown away by these "report cards". I read this and to me, he sounds like a wonderful little boy who is a bit shy, likes crackers (and knows how to work the system with the manners), and perhaps he is a budding artist. I'd be one proud parent.

Christine said...

i bet they are pretty honest. i had a very candid talk with my daughter's preschool teacher where she told me that she has told parents things that have not been positive.

he is a smart one that boy!

Susanne said...

Great card. And they did tell you that when he isn't interested he will wander off didn't they?

As for the inappropriate behaviours, really crocodile tears and all that are typical behaviour in that age group. Much to my dismay.

And don't worry about his gross motor skills. Mine was the same at that age and now the preschool teacher tells me how fine he is doing in that area too. She said, "He is very talkative." twice though. Emphatically. Yes, we thought so too. When my son sits at the table with us nobody else is aloud to say a word...

And I know all about the guilt because of the crafting supplies. I recommend buying a nice set of crayons and lots of paper and let him do the other things at daycare...

b*babbler said...

I find it really strange that there are report cards at all for preschoolers. Shouldn't they just talk to you if there are any obvious issues, and leave it at that? We haven't reached that stage yet, but it seems so very young to start molding kids, shaping them into appropriate little adults.

Sigh. Whatever just happened to playing? And some kids being bossy, some being shy?

I wonder how they use teacher speak to describe the "kid who eats glue"? Does it fall under the food category?

ewe are here said...

heh heh

A couple of months ago, we got asimilar evaluation from MF's nursery soon after his second birthday. The paper said how lovely he is, how polite, etc. My thoughts were more like yours.... I think the just behave better for others as a rule and save 'the fun stuff' (aka, act like 2 year olfds should rule the world) for us.