Monday, October 20, 2008

Frost Wind Made Moan

The family and I went to the Eaton Centre on Saturday to find clothes for Mr Earth's new head shot. He's getting them done on Wednesday, and like me, all his clothes are either completely inappropriate or threadbare - having chosen to spend all our money on the kids. Someday soon they will realize that they are better dressed than us and that we are completely "out of it", but what they won't realize is that it is their fault. So nyah.

Anyways, we're going up the escalator in Sears because the Boy was tired of shopping for things that weren't for him and he wanted to see the toys (Toys, Mummy! I want to see the toys! Can we see the toys?! But I HAVE to see the toys now! NOW!), and smack dab in the centre of the first floor was a little square of Christmas. Trees, decorations, nutcracker dolls - the works. Nowhere else was remotely decorated.

My first thought was - GAH! - commercialism. Not even Hallowe'en yet, and they're already pushing consumers to Buy!Buy!Buy! I felt like Charlie Brown, only taller. And more hair. Then I thought that it looked kind of sad, like someone had forgotten to put away this small patch of Christmas from last year. I wanted to take my blankie and wrap it around the section and perk things up a bit.

My third thought was - GAH! - it's almost Christmas! Christmas is almost upon us! I started twitching, wondering how I was going to get everything done. How has the year gone by? I remember thinking last Christmas how fun it would be this year, with an almost-4-year-old and an already-1-year-old. Christmas last year was a bit of a washout. We were so newborn-tired that it was difficult to muster up the energy to celebrate. Luckily, I don't think the Boy noticed.

You see, Christmas is VERY IMPORTANT to me. It trumps any and every celebration of the year - birthdays included. Yes, a day that is All About Me is LESS important than a day that is mostly for the kids. And it's not the presents either. It's the feeling of the season. Everyone being a little bit nicer. Everybody going that extra mile. And everyone is celebrating something sometime in the season: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. But I swear, I get simultaneously giddy and misty when I hear Christmas carols. Mr Earth has shouted at me for singing Sleigh Ride in July (you have to admit, it's catchy).

So eventhough Hallowe'en is still two weeks away, and I mocked the Christmas section in the Eaton Centre, I'm already looking ahead to this year's festivities. Every year, we do a Christmas card with a picture of the kids which, of course, has to be shot in November in order to get it out in time. And here is where I need your help... I always use a well-known quote from the season. So far, I've used:

  1. Tidings of Great Joy (it was a Christmas Card and a pseudo-birth announcement for the Boy)
  2. Tis the Season (the picture was of the Boy looking very merry)
  3. The Greatest Gifts (Christmas Card and pseudo-birth announcement for the Little Guy - a play on the line that the best gifts come in small packages)

But I'm stumped for this year. Here's some I'm considering - all lines from some of my favourite carols:

  1. Eyes all aglow (The Christmas Song)
  2. Two Birds of a Feather (Sleigh Ride)
  3. Let Your Heart Be Light (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)
  4. Give My Heart (In the Bleak Midwinter)
  5. Hold the Hands I Love (Song for a Winter's Night)

Yeah, it's cheesy. Yeah, I don't care. If ever there was a place for cheese in my life and in my heart, it's during the holiday season. Do you like any of those? Do you have a favourite holiday sentiment that is child-friendly (as the photo will be of the kids only) and not overtly Christmassy (as we have family that are Jewish)? Serve 'em up. I'm all ears.


Mamalooper said...

I vote for Two Birds of a Feather or Eyes All Aglow.

As for taking into account the Jewish relatives and not speaking for every Jewish person here, as long as it doesn't say "" or something like that, you'll be fine.

Hey, most of the tin pan alley carols and songs were written by Jews! Huzzah to that legacy...

Bea said...

Eyes All Aglow and Let Your Heart Be Light are the two that I can hear in my head with soundtrack and that make me feel the Christmassiest. Maybe see what the photos are like before you choose? If one is kind of quirky or funny, you can go with Let Your Heart Be Light, and, um, if their eyes are actually all aglow, then you know what to do.

Mary G said...

I'm with Bea. If you can get a candle or seven into the photo, then Eyes All Aglow (I once tried to get candle reflections in my kids' eyes for a Christmas photo. Today I would be vulnerable to Children's Aid takeover.) Let Your Heart Be Light will also work with Christmas Candles.
My kids adored the Three Kings carol and imagery. ( You know, the ones from Orien Tar). But that's pretty Christian.

kittenpie said...

I like eyes all aglow.
Or you could do Tidings of Comfort and Joy if you get them looking all cozy with hot chocolate or blankies or something.
Or It's Christmas Time In The city, with something more urban.

I admit, I started my christmas gift ideas lists already. I start early so I'm not in a panic among the crowds. I'll need even more time this year, so I started thinking extra early.

Mad said...

1. Am I some peeved that the Christmas merchandise and decorations have been out everywhere in Sleepy Town for the better part of a month now? Yup.

2. Am I almost done my Christmas shopping? Yup.

3. Can I embrace my own hypocricy? Yup.

As for a tag line for the card, I'm going to agree with the majority here even though the bleak economic climate this year suggests that "If the fates allow" might be the best option for us all.

painted maypole said...

how about BAH, HUMBUG!

oh, not what you're looking for?

God Bless Us, Every One
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
The Are a Few of My Favorite Things

kgirl said...

oy vey. i should go through all the ad copy/card sentiments i've had to come up with over the years. seriously, i will try, but one of my very favourites was a three-pic ad (granted, the pics were of album covers, but photos of each boy + family shot would work) that had one word under each: peace. love. joy. it was nominated for an award, which i'm kind of proud of.

ewe are here said...

I like Two Birds of a Feather.

But I'm strange.

And I hate that all the stores here are already completely decked out for Christmas. Waaaaaay to early.

crazymumma said...

You are such a complicated and surprising woman.
How about something from The Grinch?

Bahoo doray bahoo doray welcome christmas etc etc...

Beck said...

Let Your Heart Be Light. It's been a hard year for a lovely people and the message is a timely one...

bren j. said...

I like "let your heart be light" too!
It may be cheesy but it IS a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Coming out of the woodwork for this:

I like: let you heart be light,

enjoy your blog and the writing.


( I use anon because I don't have my own blog)