Monday, August 25, 2008

Home Alone: The Mr. Earth Chronicles - Day 1

Chores Done: 1.25 (Mowed the lawn, did a little bit of tidying... it's 'man-tidy' now)
Chores Outstanding: 961,532,781,664
Playstation 3's set up: 1!!!

Hello all bloggerites? blogger-folks? blog-a-rama-ding-dongs? screw it, I'm going with Blogger-iffics!

As requested by my wife, you get my random musings for a few days...

So... the fam is on the way to PEI and last night was my first night of freedom... so... what do you think I did? Let's have a quiz... did I:

a) Booze, broads, bikes and barbituates!
b) Update my shrine to my wife and children
c) Try to think of funny post ideas
d) Fall asleep in front of the TV

The answer is..... D. Yes, it's true, I'm a loser, I have a completely free evening, and I fall asleep in front of the TV - then wake up at 5am.. and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I just layed there and thought about all the chores I have yet to do.

Now, as I'm new to this whole blog thing.. I have many questions... help me out here people:

- Why are Frog and Toad still friends? When were they not friends? And what does that even mean? And what does that have to do with the pop-singer Beck? He's got 2 turn-tables and a microphone... not random amphibians!

- What's really under the Mad Hat? And who's exactly angry here? The Hat? Do we have one seriously pissed off garment here? Or is it 'mad'? Like "bad" is actually good? Did that make any sense?

- Life of 'Pie? Wasn't this a book? What's the significance of the apostraphe? What's it in place of? Am I just slow...? I'm probably slow...

I've got lots more questions, but I feel a nap coming on..... better not risk it... more later, including:

5 Posts my wife should have written!!!!
Mr. Earth.


kittenpie said...

Maybe that's one turntable for each of the amphibians... He does, on occasion, sound like he may have been out licking toads. And if you're going to talk about being a loser, he's your man.

And me, too, because I think I did the same thing, only I woke up at 4 and read blogs for an hour. Non-stop part-ay.

(the 'Pie is making it short of kittenpie, btw. Just so's you know. )

Mad said...

A) Co-dependency
B) A total whack job who could go off at any second. You know, in a Canadian fencer faced with Hungarian fans sort of way.
C) It all hangs on the apostrophe. That apostrophe is a blogger's red wheelbarrow.

BTW, your option D) is every mother's dream. Sadly, we seldom achieve it, which, in the end, is why we blog.

Welcome to the 'sphere, Dad-e-o.

Kyla said...

I think I keep our house at a pretty consistent level of "man-tidy" which I like to call "fratboy chic" most of the time. Makes it sound fancier, you know.

Oh, to nap when the mood strikes. A heavenly gift, indeed.

metro mama said...

She trusted you with her blog password! I'm impressed!

Beck said...

BeckY. As in my name. That Scientologist guy doesn't get to call dibs because I've been that all my life.
As for my blog's name, oh, I just do not know. Your guess is as good as mine.
You are a good husband. If my husband was left to blogsit mine, there would just be a sad, sad silence.

painted maypole said...

welcome, mr. earth

I'm looking forward to the 5 posts your wife should have written

and I'm a theatre geek, so, you know, anything you want to write about that...


Susanne said...

Welcome to the land of mommybloggers!

You have done more chores than I. And my husband just wishes the house would be "man-tidy". (In fact it is tidier than that but he has to do all the work.)

womaninawindow said...

Holy crap, dude. I scrolled through my Google Reader and saw that NOMOmothearth had 3 unread posts. Unheard of! I'm aghast! And then I thought, that's odd. She's gone. And then I remembered. Hi, it's you.

heheheh fell asleep on the couch. I'll read on.

bren j. said...

Please define "man-tidy."

kgirl said...

Beck is a Scientologist?