Friday, August 01, 2008

Report Card #4

I got handed an envelope at daycare as I was dropping off the Boy the other day. Being the good parent that I am, I went home, put it on the dining table and promptly forgot about it. This is what having a second child does to your brain. I neglected to remember that July brings the bi-annual "child development review" from our daycare. Let's have a look-see...

Language Development

The Boy often calls attention to himself, objects, or events in the environment: "Look, I wear number T-shirt." He likes to talk about objects and ongoing events. He enjoys participating in conversations and discussions.

I laughed and laughed when I opened it up and read the line "The Boy often calls attention to himself." He favourite phrase is actually "Look at me! Look at ME-E!" I don't know where he gets that from - xcoughx MrEarth xcoughx. The apple doesn't have very far to fall, I'm just sayin'.

Cognitive Development

The Boy likes to listen to age-appropriate stories. He makes relevant comments during stories. He enjoys drawing pictures and attempting to reproduce basic shapes. He is able to name the primary colours and he can count to 10.

[Pic. "Robot in a Box" by The Boy 8/1/08]

Okay, now this just begs the question - are they reading him age IN-appropriate stories? I didn't really think it was that kind of daycare.
And yes, he is able to count to ten, but after ten, it all goes to pot. Twelve-eleven-thirteen-fourteen-fiveteen. Fiveteen is just too funny to correct. In fact, he may just start a trend. It makes sense! You can't fault him on that.

Motor Development

The Boy is able to go up and down stairs unassisted. He enjoys jumping in place and pedaling a bicycle. He enjoys building with blocks and playing with playdough. He shows improved control of crayons or markers. He likes to make pictures.

Thank god for the stairs thing! I can't even begin to count the freakouts I've had about that. He used to start walking down the stairs, and would just forget to pay attention. I had vertigo on his behalf. It's so much better now. But who am I kidding? I still watch him like a hawk. I just can't let it go.
Yeah...about the bicycling thing. Really? When he "rides" his bike around the neighbourhood, I'm doing all the work. I'm the Boy's bitch. Or donkey. (Which is more flattering?)

Food Consumption / Sleeping Behaviours

The Boy has a good appetite. He usually eats 1-2 servings of lunch. He can feed himself independently. He is able to fall asleep by himself after settling down on the bed. He normally sleeps about one hour and a half.

The Boy has NO PROBLEM feeding himself independently. Unless the food is healthy. I'm willing to bet that those 1-2 servings consist mostly of bread and cheese. Possibly ice cream.

Social Interaction (peers / adults)

The Boy is pleasant and cooperative. He has a sense of humour we all enjoy. He likes talking and singing among his friends. He takes pride in his work well done. He often proudly shows the pictures he made to the teachers. He cooperates well and he is a good helper and model at clean-up time.

The Boy thinks he is VERY funny. I don't know if he is or not, but he amuses me to no end. He's developped this way of laughing at his own jokes by sticking his tongue in his teeth and sort of hissing through them. No idea where he got that, but it's kind of endearing. I tried to introduce the concept of Knock-Knock jokes, but he didn't quite get the reciprocal nature of it. Plus, he's the only person allowed to be knock-knocking at the door. If you say someone or something else is there, he just looks at you like you've grown a second head.

Inappropriate Behaviours to Monitor (if app.)


Hm. He's 3.5. I beg to differ. Surely he shares the whining and tantrums with others, and doesn't just hoard them up for home??

Additional Comments

The Boy has good performance at Rob's music class. He also enjoys working with Doris during art activities. He is happy and well adjusted. He has a good relationship with his baby brother, parents and grandparents. It is a pleasure to have him in the preschool room.

Obviously we have a good relationship - we dress him in trucker hats and wifebeater tanks. We're Parents of the Year. Now, if only we could convince him to fetch our beer, we'd be all set.


Mouse said...

Scooter used to say "senen" for "seven." My mother-in-law about cried when he stopped. For "five-teen," I told myself it demonstrated his understanding of the pattern in naming numbers. Therefore, it is an indicator of deep intelligence. Feel free to borrow my explanation/defense.

kittenpie said...

We just got a developmental reprt upon Pumpkinpie's graduation to the next room. She got all the "can do" checkmarks, as well as comments that included good language, very independent, and "can test limits with teachers." Heh. Not just teachers, honey...

womaninawindow said...

That last picture AND his body language has me LAUGHING so hard! Not what I'd expect from such a em, refined lady. Ya, that's you.

motherbumper said...

I can't wait until I get my first developmental report card on Gigi. I must say that the final picture of the boy is awesome - trucker hats and wife-beaters are always popular with the preschool set. After he perfects fetching beer, teach him how to crush cans on his brother's forehead - now that is parenting perfection.

Kyla said...

Hooray for the Boy!

I remember when these started, KayTar was about a million years behind I'm happy to see that minus food and motor skills she's starting to match up with her peers pretty well.

Beck said...

That is an AWESOME robot!
Now I want someone to grade my Baby, too. I guess I could grade her, but that sort of lacks zing.

Tracey said...

:) He's a cutie pie.

Hey did you hear the knock knock that goes something like,

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Not funny? Guess you gotta be 2.

SciFi Dad said...

Is it wrong that I have an overwhelming desire to see a report card with stuff like:

"Your kid can't find his pie hole with his spoon. Usually it ends up in his hair, or on a really bad day, the ear of the kid beside him."

"We have had to discontinue the practice of having a pet hamster in the classroom because of your child."

OK, it's probably just me.